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Thread: Tboculosis 2012 IP Thread

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    Pro Baseball Hall of Famer and arguably perhaps the greatest player to ever donned a Detroit Tigers' uniform, Al Kaline, made an appearance at the Serra Buick-GMC-Cadillac dealership out in Washington, MI today for a free signing he was doing there as part of the 6th Annual "Al Kaline Day" being held there. Being just 5 minutes up the road from my house, made it out 3 hours prior to the signing taking place. Due to time constraint (2 hours signing and with an estimated 400-500 people in attendance), Mr. Kaline was only signing 1 per, no inscriptions, and wasn't signing any bats or jerseys. Got Al to sign my ROMLB.

    Very nice looking Kaline!!!
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    Thanks! I'm just glad to finally add an Al Kaline IP signature to my collection.
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    Former NBA player, Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues, made an appearance at the Children's Center in downtown Detroit today as part of MetroPCS's USA Basketball Dream Tour taking place there. Got "Muggsy" to sign my trading cards, his own 8 x 10 photo he was handing out, and got a photo with him as well.

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    Attended former NHL player Joe Kocur's 4th Annual Charity Softball game benefiting his Foundation For Children. Got the following participants, who played in the game, to sign for me:

    former NHL player and event host Joe Kocur - 1/1 trading card

    former NHL player Wayne Presley - 3/3 trading cards

    former NHL player Brian Smolinski - 3/3 trading cards

    former NHL player Darren McCarty - 12/11 trading cards (D-Mac was a signing machine, but would only sign up to 4 items at a time though; ended up giving away 2 cards to a buddy and picking up a signed 4 x 6 photo he was signing and handing out at a tent set up along with Mickey Redmond for a couple of hours)

    former NHL player Pat Peake - 1/1 trading card

    former NHL player Manny Legace - 1/1 puck

    former NHL player, current Detroit Red Wings' TV color analyst, and Hockey Hall of Famer Mickey Redmond - 1/0 4 x 6 photo (got this when he was signing and handing it out along with D-Mac)

    former NHL player Kevin Miller - 1/1 trading card

    former NHL player Paul Ysebaert - 4/4 trading cards

    former Detroit Lions' quarterback Eric Hipple - 1/1 trading card

    former NHL player and Hockey Hall of Famer Dino Ciccarelli - 4/6 trading cards (could have gotten the last 2 cards signed, but I was pretty exhausted by then, so I just called it a day)

    Didn't need former NHL players Eddie Mio, John Ogrodnick, and Dave Lewis. Didn't need former MLB players Steve Avery and Scott Lusader. Didn't need golfer George Bowman. Former NHL players Kirk Maltby, Kris Draper, and Mathieu Schneider were scheduled to participate, but they no-showed.

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    Attended the Lions' "Coach's Kickoff", formerly known as their open practice, at Ford Field in downtown Detroit. This year they were charging admission because they had country music artists Maggie Rose and Randy Houser performing a show after the open practice. Brought a full-sized replica Lions helmet with the intention of getting Calvin Johnson, Jr. to sign it and cards for whoever I could get afterward. Arrived to the stadium 1 1/2 hours prior to the doors opening. Of course, it was a disastrous start as they only had 1 security guy running the metal detector wand, then switched over to pat downs, per 2 lines. With my luck, must have gotten the new trainee as it took forever to get in. On top of that, I must have left my cards in my 50 ct. plastic holder outside on the table, after having to wait nearly 15 minutes to get in, so I lost my cards I had for some role players, back-ups, and starters.

    By this time, Calvin's line was impossible to get through with the 45 minute signing frame he was allowed to sign and the slew of people waiting for him. I've decided to jump to a close-by station where safety Amari Spievey, running back Kevin Smith, and defensive tackle Sammie Hill were signing instead of getting into Calvin's line. I had cards for Spievey and Smith, but of course left and now lost them outside. Didn't want to start a team sign helment, so just got the players to sign the cover of the pamphlet with the maps of the signings stations on it. Headed straight to the area where they had some of the rookies and guys fighting for roster spots signing. Got Chris Greenwood, Jacques McClendon, Wallace Miles, Tahir Whitehead, Joique Bell, Michael Cosgrove, Travis Lewis, Carmen Messina, R.J. Archer, Bill Bentley, Pat Boyle, Jonte Green, Kellen Moore, and J.C. Oram to sign the cover and back of my pamphlet. After practice, could have caught safety Amari Spievey's gloves, but didn't when him and the some of the other Lions were throwing their gloves into the crowd. Running back Mikel Leshoure came back out to greet family members and got him to sign the back of my pamphlet as he headed back to the locker room.

    Stayed for the concert after open practice had cleared out. Country singer Maggie Rose opened for Randy Houser and was able to get her to sign the back of my laminate after she came off stage after her set to meet and greet fans who were waiting in the barricaded area to the far left of the stage (could have gotten a photo with her too, but didn't). After Randy Houser was done with his set, he also came over to sign for fans and also got him to sign the back of my laminate as well. Detroit Lions' offensive linesmen Stephen Peterman and Rob Sims as well as center Dominic Raiola also stayed to enjoy the concert, so got Stephen and Dominic to sign the back of my pamphlet. Didn't bother Rob as he was carrying his daughter.

    After leaving Ford Field, drove to the Fillmore to see if I could catch rapper and reggae singer Matisyahu after his show. Could have gotten members of "The Dirty Head", while I waited for Matisyahu to come out, but I had nothing for them to sign. Matisyahu came out and the small group didn't notice him. However, there were about 5 people waiting by the entrance of his bus, so I moved over there. Matisyahu was real cool taking photos with and signing autographs. Got Matisyahu to sign my 5 x 7 photo (could have gotten a photo with him too, but didn't).

    All in all, what started off as a bad start at Ford Field actually turned into a rather good night for me. It just sucked that I lost my cards I had for role players that I needed autographs of and I will be filing a formal complaint with Ford Field on their procedure with getting fans into the stadium at this open practice, but I'm not mad and will be looking forward to hitting up a day at training camp this week.

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    Hockey Hall of Famers Guy Lafleur and Henri Richard were brought in as guests for a paid signing taking place at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens, MI. Didn't need Guy Lafleur, so paid the signing fee and got Henri Richard to sign my puck along with his Hall of Fame inducted year.

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    Went for the Detroit Lions at their hotel tonight. Of course, I only brought cards just in case as I thought the Buffalo Bills (brought cards for them as well) stayed there like the Cleveland Browns did during the first preseason game. Got the following players to sign for me upon arrival at the hotel:

    linebacker Stephen Tulloch - 1/1 trading card

    linebacker Ronnell Lewis - 1/1 trading card

    running back Mikel Leshoure - 1/1 trading card

    running back Kevin Smith - 1/1 trading card

    defensive tackle Nick Fairley - 1/1 trading card

    Missed out on the following:

    quarterback Kellen Moore - 0/1 (was told he already checked in before I arrived there)

    offensive linesmen Riley Reiff - 0/1 (didn't see)

    wide receiver Ryan Broyles - 0/1 (said he had to go)

    quarterback Shaun Hill - 0/1 (ignored)

    quarterback Matthew Stafford (ignored)

    cornerback Chris Houston - 0/1 (ignored)

    wide receiver Titus Young - 0/1 (just waved)

    wide receiver Calvin Johnson, Jr. - 0/1 (threw up the "Peace" sign)

    wide receiver Nate Burleson - 0/1 (just waved)

    defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh - 0/1 (ignored; as if he was going to sign anyways)

    cornerback Bill Bentley - 0/1 (ignored)

    tight end Brandon Pettigrew - 0/1 (said he had to go to a meeting, but will be back afterward; of course, I didn't wait and just left)

    Kyle Vanden Bosch, Travis Lewis, Cliff Avril, Erik Coleman, Andre Fluellen, Tony Scheffler, Will Heller, Jason Hanson, Nate Hughes, Doug Hogue, Lawrence Jackson, John Wendling, Rob Sims, Ashlee Palmer, and head coach Jim Schwartz also signed, but I had nothing for them.

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    Hip Hop/Rap group "Slaughterhouse" made an appearance at the Best Buy store out in Dearborn, MI tonight to promote their just released new album and as part of the four appearances the members were doing at a Best Buy store close to their hometown. A purchase of their album was required to get a wristband that will assure an autograph from all four members (Royce Da 5'9, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, and Crooked I). Of course, they were about 10 minutes late, but did perform 2 tracks off the new album. After their performance, they headed to the table set up, where they would be signing. I made it to the table, being the 6th person in line, got my album signed, thanked and fist-bumped with all the members.

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    Went for the Chicago White Sox at the hotel as they departed for the game at Comerica Park against the Detroit Tigers. Missed out on the following:

    manager Robin Ventura - 0/1 (ignored as he boarded the bus)

    first/third baseman Kevin Youkilis - 0/1 (quickly boarded the bus)

    designated hitter/first baseman Adam Dunn - 0/1 (just waved as he boarded the bus)

    Only managed to get one player, but a good one:

    first baseman Paul Konerko - 1/1 trading card (came over and signed for everyone)

    Brought my mini-bat that I was working on getting the 08-09 Minnesota Twins team to sign (when I resided in MN) for pitchers Jesse Crain and Francisco Liriano, but I left after the initial bus took off and didn't stay to catch the remaining players leaving. Brought a card for catcher A.J. Pierzynski as well, but left early.

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    You didn't miss anyone after the first bus left. Ramirez/Peavy ignored, and Sale said he couldn't (although he got out of his cab to sign for a kid who he had given a ball to the night before)
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