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Thread: Lizard-JD IP & TTM Requests

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    Caroline Wozniacki, signed my 8x10. Mailed from Monte-Carlo, Monoco and she paid for the difference in postage - very nice. No wonder her boyfriend, Rory McIlroy, always has a smile on his face!
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    TTMs from Sat-Weds:

    Frank Ramsey, the HOF'er signed two 8x10s previously signed by his UK teammate and fellow HOF'er Cliff Hagan.

    Jim Gentile, signed my 8x10 previously signed by Don Demeter & Dick Gray when all three were Dodgers rookies in 1957. He also included his own 8x11 personalized pic - very nice of Mr. Gentile.

    Hal W. Smith, signed 8x10 previously signed by Bobby Shantz.

    Shane Battier, took forever but he personalized my 8x10 - man, he sure writes small...

    Gino Marchetti, the HOF'er signed my 8x10.

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    God those shorts back then...there so bad. But anyways great success man!
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    Recent TTMs:

    Dave "Kong" Kingman, signed two 8x10s. I used to love watching him take a hack at a baseball!

    Jane Fonda, signed my 8x10. How could I resist sending her a pic of Barbarella to sign!

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    Recent TTMs:

    Glenn Beckert, signed 3 CICs. My personal record for length of wait time 3years - 5 months!

    Jim Bunning, the Senator & HOF'er signed 2 8x10s.

    Tommy Heisohn, HOF'er signed one 8x10.

    Ozzie Newsome, HOF'er signed two 8x10s.

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    Recent TTMs:

    Roman Mejias, signed and finished off my 8x10.

    Bert Jones, signed 8x10. Dude was a tough guy 'cause he used to take some hits.

    Gary Fencik, personalized my 8x10. One of the "Da Bears".

    Bill Curry, personalized my 8x10.

    Gary Reasons, personalized two 8x10s. I kind of thought the Giants LBs in the Superman pic was kind of funny but still a neat pic. I'm going to see how many of them will sign it. I sent Pepper Johnson one that he never has resturned (LOL - was probably embarrassed to let Belichek see it!)
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    TTMs this week:

    Leon Lett, signed my pic and kept the one I offered.

    Jim Houston, personalized my pic.
    *Pic updated*

    Ted Marchibroda, signed my pic.

    George Mira, personalized my pic. One of the first well known UM players.

    Gen. Pete Dawkins, signed my Heisman Winners pic. It's off in the mail again with 12 sigs and it gets more risky every time...

    Jair Jurrjens, signed my pic but it took 14 months to get back - guess he might be catching up to his mail requests (?).
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    TTM today - LOL, I had to post this today:

    Sent Herschel Walker a letter asking for permission to send him my Heisman Winners pic to sign. I included a scan on the letter of what the pic looked like. Guess what? He signed the scanned pic on the letter - a missed opportunity for me. Can you believe this? Guess I could always make a "cut card".

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    Nice Mira return. i need to send to him for my DOlphins PC. DO you have his addy? I didnt see it in the Addy area. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welker83 View Post
    Nice Mira return. i need to send to him for my DOlphins PC. DO you have his addy? I didnt see it in the Addy area. Thanks
    Welker, TTMM is now updated.

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