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Thread: Lizard-JD IP & TTM Requests

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    Lizard-JD IP & TTM Requests

    With my IP season just starting, I figured it would be more easy to just start a success thread.

    Today (2/9/12) IP at the Allianz Golf Tournament Pro-Am (Champions Tour):

    Johnny Bench (nobody knew who he was at the practice range, ™™™!)

    Junior Bridgeman (Told him I enjoyed his battles with Dr. J & he said that he didn't - too funny)

    Master's winners (Mize, Crenshaw, Stadler, Langer & Zoeller): Crenshaw said while laughing, "looks like Mize got you with wanting your name..."

    Too many Tour players to name (Jacobsen, Perry, Roberts, Price, Browne, etc.

    TTM Today:
    Dirk Nowitzki (Funny story, I sent 2 8x10s & asked him to sign which ever one he wanted to sign - only him dunking in the pic or the one he signed - you think he didn't love beating the Heat?!?!)

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    TTMs - great end to a good week.

    Tom Flores, the S.B. winning coach signed a pic previously signed by Clem Daniels.

    Carlos Alvarez, ex-Gator signed two pics. Glad Cory got the addy to the TTMM. I used watch Carlos & John Reeves hook up for TDs when I was pretty young. He wrote me a nice short note about my memories of watching him on Saturdays...

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    Got back the first of my new CICs that I designed. Pretty happy both were signed in the correct area...

    ElRoy Face, signed both my CICs. I just sent another letter on his behalf to the HOF. Can't understand how he hasn't been nominated by now!?!?!?

    Ted Lindsay, HOF'er signed 2 CICs & included a signed BIO.

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    Recent TTMs:

    LOL - Earl Faison, made a copy of my 8x10, signed the copy and kept my original (I use different photo paper & my pic is much sharper). I guess he liked the pic, logo & his name on it. I wish he would have just asked me for a copy like Mike Rozier did a few years ago (I sent him two copies!). But, very nice of him to do what he did and sign my request!

    Loving this return! Glenn "Doc" Rivers, signed my 8x10 c/o of Celtics.

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    Killer Doc rivers love the photo! Congrats!
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    Collecting Michael Pineda, Kyle Seager and Carlos Delgado

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    Quote Originally Posted by awz50 View Post
    Killer Doc rivers love the photo! Congrats!
    Thanks, Dude! I was very surprised and very pleased to have gotten him TTM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welker83 View Post
    Love the Faison. Congrats
    Thank you!

    Had a few TTMs trickle in:

    John "Mule" Miles, personalized one of my new CICs, kept the one offered & sent 3 signed ICs with his quotes - very nice man.

    Randall Cunningham, signed one of my favorite pics of him flying through the air (+$5). Took a while but still a nice success.

    John Offerdahl, signed one of my CICs, kept the one offered and included one of his own signed cards.

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    A couple TTMs today:

    Mario Williams, signed my 8x10 fresh of kicking my hapless Dolphins butts last night. How sad to see a once proud franchise be so bad. Guess they want to match the futility of the "cheapo" Marlins...

    Lyle Blackwood, signed my 8x10 & added the "Killer B's" inscription. I used to love watching these guys play! Glenn lives just west of where I live (he's next!).
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    Recent TTMs:

    Earl Faison, signed 2 CICs. Didn't take a chance this time so I included 2 extras for him.

    Ed "Too Tall" Jones, signed 2 CICs. A real disruptive DE during his playing days.

    Walt Michaels, signed an 8x10. He was a heck of a defensive coach in his day.

    Misty May-Treanor, personalized a nice 8x10. She & Kerri have three gold medals in beach volleyball.

    Bert Campaneris, signed 8x10 previously signed by Sal Bando.

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    Wow, ecstatic to get this back - Dan Gurney! Unfortunately, I sent this TTM out so long ago that I didn't even bother adding it to my database thinking it would never return. Had totally forgot about it...

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