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Thread: Lizard-JD IP & TTM Requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by coclarkson View Post
    that colts dual looks great!
    coclarkson, coming from a collector who has the most multi signed photos I have ever seen, I take that as a nice compliment. Thank you.

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    Today, IP at RDS, Marlins:

    *** First and foremost. I never thought I would say this but I think it is much more easy to get Mark Buehrle through TTM than IP. The guy was a real jerkwad to most of the fans I had around me for most of his workout - wow. I'll get him at the season ticket holder signing because he has no choice but wow! The worst 4 Marlins signers were Buhrle, Zambrano, Stanton & Ozzie Guillen in that order...

    John Buck, Logan Morrison & Gaby Sanchez (I'll wait for Stanton at the special signing).

    Bryan Petersen, pic.

    Bryan Petersen, last game ticket from the "Florida" Marlins at Sun Life. He hit the last HR for the Marlins in the stadium.

    Edward Mujica, my new favorite Marlins signed pic (got a little chuckel from him).
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    Very nice man.
    Dolphins PC: 9486 1300+ Gu'ed & Auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welker83 View Post
    Very nice man.
    Thank you! Welker83, just for you, an old Dolphin. I had forgotten that I got Kim Bokamper today. He was there from the radio station he works for. His sig looks nothing like his name - LOL!

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    Today, IP at RDS, Cards & Marlins (got there late, workouts were almost completed):
    Will post these later because they will be multi signed pics but I got, Zack Cox & Adam Wainwright. Dennis Martinez, took pic with him & he signed another mini-helmet but in blue; doesn't look as nice as the one in silver.

    Mark McGwire, signed another SI cover pic.

    Will post later due to multi signed when complete, Ricky Nolasco, John Buck, Gaby Sanchez. Heath Bell, I told him he had already signed everything I had so I got a pic with him. And yes, Jose Reyes pulled in today but I didn't get him because I got in too late - maybe tomorrow.

    Jerry Logan, c/o home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajscards101 View Post
    nice ones today!

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    Sweet McGwire! Did he sign a lot IP? Hope he's good ttm again this year, I'm getting ready to send him an SI cover of my own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoWarrior View Post
    Sweet McGwire! Did he sign a lot IP? Hope he's good ttm again this year, I'm getting ready to send him an SI cover of my own.
    Oh yeah, he pretty much signs everyday. Big Mac is always very pleasant.

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