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    Thumbs up reMARKable Prime Ray Bourque

    I don't think there are any from this insert set that are out of /10. As mentioned a few times.
    If fact I think the most is out of /6 (Yzerman).
    By the way, anyone interested in Ray Bourque of this set?
    I have both the 1/2 and 2/2!
    Yes, I managed to complete it. Nice looking pair of cards!
    I don't have a photo off hand of the other one, which happens to be the best one and has the autograph.
    REMARKable Prime Checklist
    1 Brandon Dubinsky #/5
    2 Carey Price #/1
    3 Charlie Simmer #/4
    4 Corey Perry #/2
    5 Dion Phaneuf #/2
    6 Eric Staal #/3
    7 Evgeni Nabokov #/2
    8 Grant Fuhr #/1
    9 Guy Lafleur #/2
    10 Joe Nieuwendyk #/1
    11 Jonathan Toews #/1
    12 Ken Linseman #/2
    13 Luc Robitaille #/4
    14 Marc-Andre Fleury #/1
    15 Mario Lemieux #/2
    16 Patrice Bergeron #/2
    17 Patrick Roy #/4
    18 Paul Coffey #/1
    19 Ray Bourque #/2
    20 Rogie Vachon #/5
    21 Ron Hextall #/4
    22 Ryan Getzlaf #/2
    23 Ryan Miller #/2
    24 Steve Yzerman #/6
    25 Zach Boychuk #/2

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    Almost as ugly when all 4 are together. Too much border, ruins any continuity of any autograph,

    Amateurish and hideous.

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    I don't mind these at all. A lot of jerseys bought from sources like auctions have an autograph on them somewhere, usually the numbers. Many are too big to fit in one card so why not cut them up like this? Doesn't bother me one bit, besides it's either that or they get cut into pieces so small that all you see is a scribble of ink on a run-of-the-mill patch card.

    It's not like they got a player to sign a big piece and cut it that way on purpose. The jersey came like that and Panini sure isn't going to waste a big jersey piece because there is an autograph on it so they did something a little different.
    - Kevin

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDMC View Post
    I think its cool as heck and see nothing wrong with it.
    Like the 11-12 BD jersey set but to the max.

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    "Where o where has the other half gone...

    Where o where can it be???"

    Any insight would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bimola View Post
    "Where o where has the other half gone...

    Where o where can it be???"

    Any insight would be great!


    i like this set...completed my PC player earlier this summer 1/2 and 2/2..

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    Atrocity. I agree with your statement that an autograph is only an autograph when it's intact. Now it's just pen marks.
    Still, can't say that it doesn't look cool. Looks pretty sharp when all four are put together like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowsuby03 View Post

    i like this set...completed my PC player earlier this summer 1/2 and 2/2..

    So, I saw that up on the bay a few months ago, and now again....and as a Miller collector, there is something that is just not right about it. It looks kind of neat, but I mean, the auto was cut in half...I dunno. Not a fan.

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    What they should have done was put a redmption in for all pieces. For example there are 25 on the checklist so make 25 redemptions. Its is pretty awsome when they are put together
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    It's innovative, I'll give it that.

    Doesn't fit my fancy though. I like the puzzle card idea, but something like this doesn't work for me because you have the card borders interfering with the "puzzle."

    The fact that it's a very clean auto, and that you can't tell who's it is unless you look for it printed on the card really subtracts from the overall result. (IMO)

    Kudos for coming up with an original idea though - I'm sure there's some folks out there who'll love to have this as a centerpiece to their PC.

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