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    What they should have done was put a redmption in for all pieces. For example there are 25 on the checklist so make 25 redemptions. Its is pretty awsome when they are put together
    I thought about that, but then it wouldn't be a 'bonus pull' so much as a major hit, if one pull got you the whole thing.
    And then I thought about puzzle redemptions, for example 4pcs of the Robitaille each with a different piece of the code on it.. but I think there would be a LOT of unclaimed items by the time they were done.

    I really think this would have been a fantastic idea if they had centered the puzzle and not the cards - if they had a mono-colored "inner" border of 1/8" (or whatever minimum you can do the card with and not have it fall apart) so that it didn't detract horribly from the end result, it would look amazing.

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    Perhaps a see-through border would look good?
    I do think the cards look great the way they are, however.

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    i was so happy to hear eric staal was part of this set until i saw them pop up for sale and the autograph used was from Ron im assuming the patch was from a Ron Francis jersey as well other than that IMO the set overall looks amazing

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