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Thread: IP autos from Turner Field

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    IP autos from Turner Field

    I got a few autographs of Padres players at Turner Field on 8/16/12. Check them out at

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    Nice haul, especially with the Headley SS

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    Yeah, that made the night. I was so pumped to get it.

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    Yeah I live in Atlanta but only been to turner field once. I got to start going more to increase my autograph collection.
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    I was really surprised how easy it was to get autographs at the visitor's players entrance outside the stadium. I haven't tried the Braves, but I imagine it's pretty hard.

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    We were there Wed and Thursday. Wednesday was much better, Sam got 28 cards signed.

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    Were you at the visiting players' gate before the game?

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    Was this Wed? Sam was out there, Thursday we only had time for pregame BP.

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    On Thursday, I was just wondering if I saw you. I wasn't there Wed... wish I would have been. Who all did he get to sign on Wed?

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    Here is my post from Wednesday's San Diego v Braves game, Sam got a PR of 28 cards signed:
    August 15. 2012
    SD Padres at Atlanta Braves
    Third game of Four
    School started last week so we cannot go out to every game now. That and paired with the schedule that brought the Padres here, we hit today's game and will do a little tomorrow as it is Chipper Jones Bobblehead Night.
    Pregame ouside:
    Sam got there around 3:15 andmissed most of the arrivals but got:
    Will Venable 5/5- 09 Topps (2), '10 Topps, '11 Topps, '12 Topps. Sam said he was very nice.
    Luke Gregerson 2/2- '11 Topps, '12 Topps
    Inside Batting Practice San Diego side-
    Jason Marquis 2/4- '10, '11 Topps one ofthe key players he wanted today as Marquis is starting tomorrow
    John Baker 2/2-'10 Topps (2) Nice guy. Took a picture with him will post later
    Nick Hundley 1/5- '10 Topps
    Dave Roberts 2/2- '09 Topps (2)
    Chase Headley 2/3, 1/1- '09, '11,'12 Topps i got one for him
    Carlos Quentin 1/1, 1/1 09 Topps and 09 gypsey Queen looking topps. He did not seem to be too happy but he signed.
    Mark Kotsay 1/1 '12 Topps Took a picture with him
    Everith Cabrera-3/4 '09, '10,'11 Topps
    Clayton Richard- 1/1, 1/2-'11, '12 Topps I got one of those.
    Jesus Guzman 1/1- '12 Topps
    Cameron Maybin 1/4- '11 Topps
    Yonder Alonso 1/4- '11 Topps
    28 cards signed might be a new record for one game for us. Nice guys on that team. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    Certainly Quantity over quality but they were very nice to him. I try to post our successes here: but i still have not written up the Dodgers series from last weekend

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