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    Guessing this could be considered a jackpot today? Woooo!!!

    biggsy2323 Wade Boggs 2012-07-31 2012-09-15 Success 2/4 Thought this was long gone actually. No donation sent, he signed 2 of the 4 cards. Great success. Can't complain here.
    biggsy2323 Jim Calhoun 2012-09-04 2012-09-15 Success 1/0 Awesome success, considering he just retired. Thanks!!!
    biggsy2323 Irina Kalentieva 2012-09-05 2012-09-15 Success 1/0 Don't really know why I got another signed photo today... only emailed once lol
    biggsy2323 Eva Wahlstrom 2012-08-19 2012-09-15 Success 1/0 Signed photo!
    biggsy2323 Mary Higgins Clark 2012-08-08 2012-09-15 Success 1/0 Well I got a letter from someone and it said Mary wanted her to pass on a photo to me. Was no photo enclosed so will email back and let them know.
    biggsy2323 Gretchen Wilson 2012-07-29 2012-09-15 Success 1/0 Awesome, took forever but well worth the personalized photo.
    biggsy2323 Stephen "Steve-O" Glover 2012-08-08 2012-09-15 Success 1/0 Awesome personalized 8x10!
    biggsy2323 John Cornyn 2012-08-12 2012-09-15 Success 2/0 Signed 8x10 and letter.

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    Small day topped off by Peyton Manning failure, though he did send the 2 cards back.

    biggsy2323 Steven Ramos 2012-09-17 2012-09-17 Success 1/0 Success from my connection, wait til next year he'll probably be up another level.
    biggsy2323 Larry Krystkowiak 2012-09-07 2012-09-17 Success 1/0 Signed 8x10 in horrible condition!
    biggsy2323 Jade Faulkner 2012-08-05 2012-09-17 Success 1/0 Signed photo!
    biggsy2323 Dierks Bentley 2012-07-23 2012-09-17 Success 1/0 Signed 8x10!

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    how'd you get the ramos? was it IP or what cuz it has the same date sent and received lol. love the dierks bentley btw. you use

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    The Ramos one came from him himself. I didn't send anything. I talk to him and many others in the organization so I'm one of the go to guys they like.

    Yes I emailed for the Dierks Bentley one.

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    Couple successes, love the John Stockton one. Took time out to at least print out a picture and sign it. Can't complain there.

    biggsy2323 Bill Clinton 2012-07-24 2012-09-18 Success 1/0 Looks real to me actually, could be autopen. Not 100% sure though.

    biggsy2323 John Stockton 2012-08-17 2012-09-18 Success 1/2 Did not sign my cards but awesome success. Printed out a photo and signed it. Sig looks awesome.

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    Best day YET IMO. First 4 came by Listia auctions. I bid the same amount and won for the same amount the Sutter & Swagerty cards. Whoa. Throw in a Don Sutton and Jamie Moyer? Great. Lonnie Smith came today, as did Dan Majerle. Also I talked to Stan Musial's grandson today and he is gonna hook me up after all my failures.

    biggsy2323 Don Sutton 2012-09-19 2012-09-19 Success 1/0 Listia auction won!
    biggsy2323 Jamie Moyer 2012-09-19 2012-09-19 Success 1/0 Listia auction won!
    biggsy2323 Bruce Sutter 2011-09-19 2012-09-19 Success 1/0 Listia auction won!
    biggsy2323 Jordan Swagerty 2012-09-19 2012-09-19 Success 1/0 Listia auction won!

    biggsy2323 Lonnie Smith 2012-09-12 2012-09-19 Success 4/4 2/2 Card successes and 2/2 ICs
    biggsy2323 Dan Majerle 2012-09-12 2012-09-19 Success 3/4 3/4 signed cards, he kept one too.

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    biggsy2323 Coach Dixon 2012-09-04 2012-09-20 Success 1/0 Personalized 8x10!
    biggsy2323 Tim Hardaway 2012-09-12 2012-09-20 Success 4/4 Signed all 4 of my cards!
    biggsy2323 Ursula Bruhin 2012-09-01 2012-09-20 Success 2/0 2 signed photos

    Got these plus a few State senators, etc.

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    One success today, a signed Jeremy Patton card from him.

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