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    Couple solid ones today..

    biggsy2323 Bob Coluccio 2012-09-15 2012-09-24 Success 1/0 Sent me a signed photo!

    biggsy2323 Randy Foye 2012-08-02 2012-09-24 Success 1/0 Personalized 8x10.. didnt' expect this!
    Others I got today include: Billy the Exterminator Personalized 8x10, Dave Blaney and Ryan Blaney Autographed Hero Card, Mike Holmes Personalized 8x10, John Desaolu 5x7, & Personalized Jessica Zelinka Photo.
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    Finally an EPIC day.. Thanks much to Stan's Grandson for setting this up for me..

    biggsy2323 Stan Musial 2012-09-18 2012-09-26 Success 2/2 Jaw-dropping success!! Thanks Brian (Stan's Grandson) for hooking me up finally.

    biggsy2323 Don Ferrarese 2012-09-18 2012-09-25 Success 1/0 Partial success, forgot to sign the photo.. I'll try again!

    biggsy2323 Natalie Gulbis 2012-08-02 2012-09-26 Success 1/0 Cool sent a signed 8x10!
    biggsy2323 Oscar Pistorius 2012-08-13 2012-09-26 Success 1/0 Nice signed photo and a letter thanking me for support!
    biggsy2323 Emeli Sande 2012-08-08 2012-09-26 Success 1/0 Same signed poster!

    Yeah basically BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice couple days, no? Here is what I got today!

    biggsy2323 Joan Rivers 2012-07-29 2012-09-27 Success 1/0 Personalized 8x10
    biggsy2323 Geno Auriemma 2012-09-01 2012-09-27 Success 1/0 Signed 8x10!!
    biggsy2323 Pat Summitt 2012-08-07 2012-09-27 Success 1/0 Personalized 8x10

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    Another amazing day... this time from Joe Kelly, St. Louis Cardinals. Gosh I love having all these connections.. total awesomeness!!

    biggsy2323 Joe Kelly 2012-07-20 2012-10-01 Success 2/0 Huge huge success, it helps when you have your connections. Sent me back 2 signed shirts they were under the jerseys.
    biggsy2323 Don Ferrarese 2012-09-26 2012-10-01 Success 2/0 He's awesome, corrected the mistake. Sent a signed and personalized 8x10. Funny he included a note "Sorry Jeremy, when you get older you forgot".. Great guy for being 83!!
    biggsy2323 Harry Statham 2012-08-28 2012-10-01 Success 1/0 Autographed 8x10 and a signed letter saying sorry for the delay!!
    biggsy2323 Sebastien Buemi 2012-08-15 2012-10-01 Success 1/0 Signed photo card!
    biggsy2323 Liv Boeree 2012-09-01 2012-10-01 Success 1/0 Personalized photo!

    biggsy2323 Judge Judy 2012-08-08 2012-10-01 Success 2/0 Personalized 8x10 from her, and also a personalized 8x10 from Petri Hawkins Byrd Bailiff.
    biggsy2323 Len Goodman 2012-08-08 2012-10-01 Success 1/0 Personalized 5x7

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    Quote Originally Posted by harley2001 View Post
    Some awesome returns!!
    Thanks I only got one today, wasn't worth mentioning.. now watch tomorrow be a huge day.. that's how this is whenever I get stuff..

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    Couple nice successes to add to my Cardinals & Packers collections.. 1 TTM, and the Packers one came by email success but submitted the address in database.

    biggsy2323 Jim Lindeman 2012-09-12 2012-10-04 Success 3/3 Signed 1 card and both index cards, nice success

    biggsy2323 Tom Brown 2012-09-27 2012-10-04 Success 1/0 Signed photo, inscribed "Tom Brown, #40 SB I, II Champs" Nice

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    Solid day.. I think out of all of these the biggest success is one I didn't post. It was a Jon Jay signed/game used jersey card and Keith Hernandez Game used bat/jersey card.

    biggsy2323 JIM MORA 2012-08-07 2012-10-09 Success 1/0 Personalized 8x10
    biggsy2323 Rick Barnes 2012-09-05 2012-10-09 Success 1/0 Personalized small photo!
    biggsy2323 Joe Biden 2012-09-01 2012-10-09 Success 1/0 Looks like a pre-print 8x10 but not sure.
    biggsy2323 Michael Sorrentino 2012-09-01 2012-10-09 Success 1/0 Not sure why I got another one, only sent to him once. Different 8x10 signed.

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    Couple today but a nice couple..

    biggsy2323 Sterling Sharpe 2012-09-12 2012-10-12 Success 1/1 Signed 1 card!

    biggsy2323 Bob Weiss 2012-09-12 2012-10-12 Success 1/1 Signed card!

    Also got a signed photo from Kriss Akabusi and the Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders..

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    Small day again today but when it involves the Packers & Cardinals it's a good day haha

    biggsy2323 Brandon Creath 2012-10-10 2012-10-15 Success 1/0 Signed card, another success from my connections..
    biggsy2323 Barty Smith 2012-10-06 2012-10-15 Success 1/0 Email success, signed 8x10.. To Jeremy, Best Wishes, Barty Smith Green Bay Packers 74-80

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