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Thread: Breaking Up My WCW Auto Set

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    Breaking Up My WCW Auto Set

    Just sold the rarest piece in the collection, Hardcore Hak. Figured I would start putting money into savings. I am not looking to undersell myself on these. It took me a lot of time and money to put them all together.

    Alex Wright $250
    Jimmy Hart $100
    Konnan $75
    Lenny Lane $75
    Lizmark Jr. $75
    Scott Norton $50
    Kaz Hayashi $50
    Larry Zbyszko $40
    Lodi $45
    Norman Smiley $40
    Prince Iaukea $35
    Sonny Onoo signed on back $45
    Super Calo $35
    Tony Schiavone $45
    Tough Tom $35
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    The market for these cards is not down by any means. I have sold most of the expensive cards on my list for my asking price. There will always be set collectors. Alex Wright is nowhere near $50 period. I have a deal in the works for my asking price on that one. Lower prices can be had if you are quick enough to grab the quick buy it nows that randomly pop up from time to time. Konnan recently sold for $90. That is higher than I have ever seen a Konnan sell for before. I have no trouble moving these at my asking price. As a matter of fact I only have about 20 left to move and most of them are lower end ones. If you want to send me a want list we may be able to work something out but like I said my prices are pretty firm.

    Also the list is updated with some new additions and some have been sold.

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    Hey Geoff- got the fyre yesterday- could you do me a favor and mark our previous deals as completed please?

    also, Id like to snag the spice, if you can PM me about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by accordionjacob View Post
    I'm not gonna fuss about working a deal any more.... But what I will say is that your right the market has changed. .. But has come down... Not up the way you priced your cards man.... Back then the alex wright did 200+, now they do 50 maybe...the malenko did 150ish when you got it from me now they do 60ish.....don't get me wrong their are some that still do good it's because their hardly seen anymore.... But my whole point is that I understand where your coming from.. Yes the market of cards does change from time to time.... I didn't expect you to give me the cards back at the prices I sold them to you for.... But c'mon bro... You could have atleast work me some kind of deal as I did work a crazy deal for you.... And if you don't remember or others wanna know they can see it in our last few transactions we have done....even sold you a heritage 1 cena cheap..... But no problem this will be my last time posting on any of your threads again... And good luck
    Im not trying to get involved in this little exchange here..........I just wanna say that there is no way and I repeat no way you will be able to get a Alex wright in the $50 range and a Malenko in the $60s..........cmon Jacob your way off the mark there........but you are right in saying the market has changed for some cards but this product will always do well and always has.

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    and last 2 alex wrights went for $69 and $ quite $50......but not $200 either like they used to.....

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    the last 2 alex wrights were buy it nows and sold in less than an hour of being listed.

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    in all fairness that malenko had several soft corners that be my guess as to why it went so cheap

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