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    SCF Football Card Traders September 2012 trading thread

    Current membership:

    Abby78: Primary team--Pittsburgh Steelers
    Secondary teams--Pittsburgh Pirates, Penguins, Panthers (college), Penn St.

    Hobbyfan: Primary team: New York Giants
    Secondary team: New York Mets, New York Jets

    Jebures: Primary team: Denver Broncos
    Secondary team: Chicago Cubs

    UMCanes#1: Primary team: Dallas Cowboys
    Secondary team: Miami Hurricanes

    Mlkman: Primary team: Washington Redskins
    Favorite players: Chris Cooley

    Romulusvex: Primary team: Cincinnati Bengals
    Secondary team: New York Knicks

    Dawson16: Primary team: Kansas City Chiefs
    Secondary team: Kansas City Royals

    Mr715: Primary Team: Detroit Lions

    BigCoop70: Primary team: Green Bay Packers

    Crosby87: Primary team: New England Patriots
    Secondary teams: Michigan Wolverines, Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers, & Penguins

    Hippieman556: Primary team: Philadelphia Eagles

    Herdfan13: Primary team: Chicago Bears
    Secondary team: Marshall Thundering Herd

    Ibleedbattlered: Primary Team: Houston Texans.
    Secondary Team: Chicago Bulls.
    Favorite Players: Calvin Johnson, Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice

    Samtb13: Primary Team: Tennessee Titans
    Secondary team: Seattle Mariners

    Jradford: Primary team: Miami Dolphins

    BIGBadWolf3: Primary teams: Oakland Raiders & San Francisco 49ers

    WHyFly: Primary team: Atlanta Falcons
    Secondary team: Missouri Tigers

    Available teams: Bills, Browns, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Chargers, Jaguars, Panthers, Rams, Ravens, Saints, Vikings


    1. Hobbyfan/Romulusvex/Crosby87
    2. Dawson16/BigCoop70/WhyFly
    3. Abby78/Herdfan13
    4. Mlkman/Ibleedbattlered/jradford
    5. Jebures/UMCanes#1/hippieman556
    6. Mr715/Samtb13/BIGBadWolf3

    September trading schedule:

    Groups 1 & 4
    Groups 2 & 6
    Groups 3 & 5

    The situation: JuneJunes has left after 1 month, so the Browns are open. BIGBadwolf3 takes over the Raiders and will also handle the 49ers. WHyFly has returned and will resume trading this month.

    Full rules & regulations can be found in our November 2009 thread, which is at this link:

    If you know someone who wants to join us, please PM me or a moderator. If you have any questions, please PM any of us.

    Now, let's start trading!!

    Moderator: Please sticky this thread ASAP. Thank you.

    Edit: 9/2/12, 7:51 am (ET): WHyFly is back on the active roster.
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    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    All of my trades have been posted.
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    WhyFly, let us know if you plan on trading this month.
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    Basketball - A.Drummond Baseball - J.Verlander/M.Cabrera
    Football - Barry Sanders/Calvin Johnson/M.Stafford
    Hockey - H.Zetterberg/P.Datsyuk/S.Yzerman/C.Osgood/N.Lidstrom
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    MR715: I rec'd a PM from WHyFly this morning. He's back in. I've updated the first post.
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    Trade confirmed with Mr715, trades posted with BigBadWolf and Samtb13

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    POsting trades if needed later tonight, if you don't mind hobbyfan to add a secondary team for me: Missouri Tigers

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    If anyone wants to trade that I'm not scheduled to trade with just post here or post us a trade as I have thousands of extra cards laying around


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    All trades posted and hobbyfan/mr715 yours went out yesterday updated trade with DC. I've been away for a while so sorry if this was answered in last months thread but what happened with Samtb13? He never confirmed or rejected our trade for last month and I see he is still listed in the OP as a member of the group.

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