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    My ultimate goal is to put my entire PC in penny sleves and binders with the exception of any super high end cards wich will be sent off for grading. Right now my cards are all over the place. Some in binders, some in boxes, and some in hard cases. I will get there eventually.
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    My base cards are all sorted by teams and stored in 3200 ct monster boxes.

    My more valuable cards (gu, au, inserts, and rookie cards) get put in penny sleeves and top loaders and are stored in monster boxes as well.

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    My base cards are sorted by year, brand, and number and stored in 6 quart plastic shoe boxes. My certified autographed cards, #ed cards, gu cards, and more expensive cards are put in sleeves and top loaders in shoe boxes. My IP/TTM autographs are kept in 9 pocket sheets in binders.
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    im old fashioned, plastic soft sleeves inside hard sleeves inside plain white boxes.

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    recently changed from having my collection separated by player to housing base sets in 5000 count boxes- inserts in binders by set and year- while using google drive to log all my inserts

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