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Thread: Wttf: Redskins

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    Quote Originally Posted by theadamsharpe View Post
    willbedaname- i'm working on something with steeltowninwv but i'll let you know for sure.

    Dennisrswnjr- i hate you. It's not enough that you're running away with the division but now this! Just kidding. That's a nice card.
    I don't have any giants to match it but i truly wish i did. Do you only collect giants?

    no adam im all over the place
    i like a lot of things
    i'll take a look at what you have up >.do you have any cards thats not up on this thread ?

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    I see the two letters you have up the cam & murray
    what are you looking to get for those cards ?

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    oh by the way
    we've lost our last two games
    not running away yet lets see when we get back from the bye

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    Haha Well, we're going to fight the Eagles for "who still has a chance"
    I was actually looking for a Griffin or Baugh auto for the Cam and the Murray I was looking for a good Alfred Morris auto or a good Griffin card.


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    I have to go to bed, but if you post the Baugh-Cam trade I'll accept and ship it out tomorrow with a DC. I will, of course, go first since I'm new.


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    well since your a skins fan and everybody is so high on rg3
    i hope you get one for your cards my friend
    and good luck with the eagles now remember no vick so its looking for for you guys >.bee

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    Yeah, we have a lot of people coming back or healed. I'm hoping they turn a corner, but I'm in it for the long run. Unfortunately it's in my blood. (Thanks, Dad) If I come across anything I think you want for the Baugh I'll let you know. You seem cool, so I hope we can work something out some time.


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    Still looking for any Redskins today. Just check my list. I have a lot of jersey cards and numbered too. It will take me longer to post them but I will get them up when I can.


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    Let me know any Redskins you have to trade for any of these and I will get back to you.


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    Fellow Skins fan . Do you have any extra Skins auto\s or GU, especially Riggins or RG3, maybe we could do a Redskin for Redskin trade. Who are some of your fav Skins?

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