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Thread: Wttf: Redskins

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    Wttf: Redskins

    I'll just keep adding to my list. Right now I have my autos and platinum up. I'll try to do jerseys as soon as I can.

    Just let me know what you have and what your team or a player you're looking for and I'll let you know what I have. I'm also looking for any Robert Griffins.


    Jon Baldwin- 2011 Threads Letterman "A" 338/350 (Auto)
    Jon Baldwin- 2011 Playoff Contenders (Rookie Ink) (Auto)
    Jeremy Horne- 2010 Donruss (Rated Rookie) (Auto)
    Dwayne Bowe- Topps Legends 10/10 (Stamp/Auto)

    Jacquizz Rodgers- 2011 Threads Letterman "D" 185/350 (Auto)
    Sean Weatherspoon- 2010 Threads 103/499 (Auto)

    Erin Henderson- 2008 Threads #180 124/999 (Auto)

    Cam Newton- 2011 Threads Letterman "N" 54/300 (Auto)
    Armanti Edwards - 2010 Topps Magic (Auto)
    Amini Silatolu - 2012 Leaf Draft (Auto)


    TJ Yates - 2011 Threads 192/299 (Auto)
    Xavier Adibi 2008 SP (Rookie Signatures) (Auto)

    2010 Plates and Patches- Derrick Morgan 393/649 (Auto)
    2011 Topps Legends Darren Evans 55/99 (Auto)
    Akeem Ayers- 2011 Threads 112/299 (Auto)

    D'Brickashaw Ferguson- Topps Finest 199/399 (Auto)
    Erik Ainge- 2008 SP (Auto)

    Pat Devlin - 2011 Prestige 863/1499 (Auto)

    Tampa Bay-
    Ahmad Black- 2011 Prestige 606/699 (Auto)


    Austin Pettis -2011 Hit (Auto)

    Anthony Castonzo- 2011 Threads 52/299 (Auto)
    Austin Collie - 2009 Press Pass (Auto)

    Taiwan Jones- 2011 Topps Chrome (Auto)
    Denarius Moore- 2011 Threads 254/299 (Auto)
    Sam Keller - 2008 Donruss Threads 439/999 (Auto)

    Yamon Figurs 2008 SP (Star Signatures) (Auto)

    Zak Deossie- Bowman Sterling (thick) 222/1800 (Auto)

    Cameron Jordan- 2011 Threads 86/299 (Auto)

    LaMichael James- Topps (Auto)

    Aaron Williams - 2011 Gridiron Gear 152/299 (Auto)

    Seahawks- Kris Durham 2011 Threads RC 296/299

    2012 Platinum-

    Steelers - Mike Wallace, Troy Palamalu, Chris Rainey- RC

    Rams- Janoris Jenkins- RC (Orange) , Chris Givens- RC (Orange) , Brian Quick- RC, Isaiah Pead- RC

    Seahawks- Russell Wilson- RC (Orange) , Robert Turbin- RC (Orange)

    Cowboys- Jason Witten, Miles Austin, Morris Claiborne- RC (orange)

    Patriots- Rob Gronkoski, Aaaron Hernandez

    Saints- Drew Brees (Red Thick card), Mark Ingram, Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, Nick Toon - RC (Orange)

    Giants- Ruben Randle (Xfractors)- RC, Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Ruben Randle- RC (Orange)

    Bucs- Mark Barron (Xfractores)- RC, Mark Barron- RC (Orange) , Doug Martin- RC (Orange)

    Ravens- Bernard Pierce- RC (insert PDC-BP), Bernard Pierce- RC (Orange)

    Jets- Tim Tebow, Sean Greene

    Broncos- Peyton Manning, Eric Decker, Willis McGahee, Brock Osweiler - RC

    Bears- Brian Urlacher, Brandon Marshall

    Raiders- Denarius Moore,

    Falcons- Michael Turner,

    Packers- Clay Matthews, Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley

    49ers- Kendall Hunter, Patrick Willis, Michael Crabtree, AJ Jenkins - RC (Orange)

    Vikings- Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson, Matt Kalil- RC

    Bengals- Andy Dalton, Mohamed Sanu- RC (Orange) Dre Kirkpatrick- RC (Orange)

    Lions- Ndamukong Suh, Ryan Broyales- RC

    Cardinals- Beanie Wells, Ryan Lindley- RC (Orange)

    Panthers- Jonathan Stewert, Cam Newton (Red thick card)

    Texans- Arian Foster

    Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill- RC

    Bills- TJ Graham- RC

    Eagles- Marvin McNutt- RC

    Colts- Andrew Luck- RC, Coby Fleener- RC (Orange)

    Colts- Ty Hilton - RC (Auto)

    I have a lot more of the Platinum. Those are the main ones.

    Jersey cards--

    Colts- 2011 Threads Dallas Clark (Gridiron Kings) jersey 204/299, Delone Carter - 2011 Rookies and Stars (Freshman Orientation) 76/249

    Chargers- 2011 Threads Vincent Jackson (Gridiron Kings) Prime Patch 85/99, Malcolm Floyd 2011 Threads Prime Patch 33/45

    Steelers- Franco Harris (Heritage Collection) jersey

    Bills- Ryan Fitzpatrick 2011 Threads - Prime Patch 6/99, Ryan Fitzpatrick 2011 Threads jersey 25/299, 2011 Rookies and Stars Marcell Dareus jersey 132/249

    Giants- Prince Amukamara Bowman Sterling jersey. Jeremy Shocky Topps Turkey (Grey) jersey, Kevin Boss 2011 Threads (Gridiron Kings) Prime Patch 59/99, Sinorce Moss 2006 Bowman jersey

    Jags - 2008 David Garrard UD (Premier Rare Materials) double patch 35/65

    Bengals- Andy Dalton 2011 Threads (Rookie Collection) jersey 109/299

    Packers- Randall Cobb 2011 Topps Legend (Aspiring Legacies) jersey

    Lions- Ndamukong Suh 2011 Threads 4 color prime patch 39/99

    Baltimore- Troy Smith 2007 UD (Sweet Swatch) jersey, Anquan Boldin (Gridiron Kings) jersey 295/299

    Vikings- 2011 Rookies and Stars (Rookie Revolution) jersey 113/249, Chris Carter 2010 Certified Prime Patch Mirror 3/25

    Saints- Ricky Jackson 2010 Certified jersey 60/100, Mark Ingram Crown Royale (Rookie Royalty) jersey 221/299

    Browns- Josh Cribbs (Gridiron Kings) jersey 167/200

    Panthers- Jon Beason 2012 Prestige jersey, 2011 Threads Steve Smith (Franchise Fabrics) jersey 41/170, 2011 Rookies and Stars Steve Smith (Mirror Red) jersey 11/240, 2011 Threads Deangelo Williams Prime Patch 47/99, 2006 SPX Denagelo Williams jersey, 2006 Topps DPP Deangelo Williams jersey, Dan Morgan 2001 jersey 45/1500, 2012 Topps Platinum Joe Adams jersey, Keary Colbert 2004 Rookies and Stars 231/500

    Rams- 2001 Upper Deck Marshall Faulk jersey, 2011 Threads (Generations) Faulk and Steve Jackson jersey 59-136-222/230 (There are three of them and they all are different colors)

    Chiefs- Tony Gonzalez- 2003 Fleer jersey, Eric Berry 2010 SPX (EB) jersey 115/375

    Raiders- Willie Brown- 2011 Threads (Heritage Collection) jersey,

    Broncos- Maurice Clarett 2005 Topps jersey

    Falcons- DeAngelo Hall 2004 Hogg Heaven jersey 89/750

    Titans/Bucs 2001 Titanium Erron Kinnry- Dave Moore doble sided jersey, Jamie Harper 2011 Absolute (War Room)

    Seahawks- Korean Robinson 2001 Playoff Honors jersey 53/725, Matt Hasselbeck 2006 Topps (All Pro Relics)

    Texans- Andre Johnson 2006 Topps Turkey (Red) jersey 266/299, Domanick Davis 2005 Donruss Classics jersey 123'150

    Jets- Leon Washington 2006 Upper Deck (Star Materials) jersey, Darelle Revis 2011 Crown Royale jersey 70/299

    #'d cards

    Falcons- Matt Ryan 2012 Inception 44/75, Julio Jones 2011 Topps Supreme RC 405/429, Michael Turner 2011 Timeless Treasures 86/99, Roddy White 2011 Topps Legends 34/50, Roddy White 2011 Threads 212/250, Matt Ryan 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) 69/150, Jason Snelling 2011 Rookies and Stars (Blue) 26/75, Akeem Dent 2011 Rookies and Stars rc (Green) 18/25, Tony Gonzalez 2011 Threads 156/250

    Colts- Marvin Harrison- 2007 National Treasures 86/100, Anthony Gonzalez 2009 Gridiron Gear 73/250, Austin Collie 2011 Threads 17/100

    Ravens- 2008 Upper Deck Icons (Rookie Brilliance) 50/250, Ray Lewis, Suggs, Reed 2011 Threads (Triple Threat) 12/100, Anquan Boldin 2011 Topps Legends 264/299, 2011 Bowman Sterling Tyrod Taylor RC , Ed Reed 2011 Score Scorecard, Ray Lewis 2009 Topps (Gold) 444/2009

    Texans- JJ Watt 2011 Threads RC 157/250, Andre Johnson 2009 Score Gold Zone 84/249, Mario Williams 2007 Score (Scorecard) 22/750, Brooks Reed 2011 Bowman Sterling RC 288/299, Arian Foster 2011 Topps Legends (Green) 10/150, Arian Foster 2011 Threads (Star Factor) 41/100,

    Eagles- Duce Staley 2002 Gridiron Kings 396/400, Brian Westbrook 2007 Topps DPP 249/250, Brian Westbrook Rookies and Stars (Gold) 230/349, Jeremiah Trotter 2007 Score 173/600, Clay Matthews 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) RC 134/150, Jermy Maclin 2011 Rookies and Stars (Blue) 69/75

    Steelers- Baron Batch 2011 Threads RC 206/250

    Dolphins- Bob Griese 2002 Gridiron Kings 197/400, Dan Marino Topps Legends 134/299, Brandon Marshall 2011 Threads 51/100

    Bengals- Ryan Whalen Bowman Sterling RC, Jay Finley 2011 Threads RC 77/100, Keith Rivers 2008 Gridiron Gear 43/999, Andre Caldwell 2008 Score (Red Zone) RC 88/100

    Titans- Bo Scaife 2011 Threads 33/250,

    Giants- Mark Herzuich Bowman Sterling RC 188/299, Hakeem Nicks 2009 Score (Throwback) RC, Hakeem Nicks 2009 Score RC, Tyler Sash 2011 Gold Standard 75/299, Mario Manningham 2011 Rookies and Stars 114/150, Mario Manningham 2011 Threads 152/250, Jerrel Jernigan 2011 Topps Supreme 278/429, Brandon Jacobs 2010 Prestige Extra Points

    Vikings- Christian Ballard 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) RC 131/150, 2011 Press Pass Christian Ponder and Jake Locker 119/299, Christian Ballard Rookies and Stars (Black) RC 53/249, Duante Culpepper 2011 UD Exclusives 15/50, Alan Page 2009 Classics 669/999, Randy Moss 2005 Absolute Memoribilia (Tools of the Trade) 16/100,

    Seahawks- James Carpenter 2011 Threads RC 115/250, Jon Kitna 2000 Quantum Leaf 1693/3346,

    Lions- Calvin Johnson 2007 Score (Hot Rookies) scorecard 533/750,

    Bucs- Mason Foster 2011 Threads RC 45/250, Carnell "Cadillac" Williams 2011 Threads 35/100, Luke Stocker 2011 Rookies and Stars (Blue) RC 63/75, LaGarrette Blount 2011 Rookies and Stars 109/150, Jonathan Hefney 2008 Gridiron Gear RC 740/999, Cory Boyd 2008 Threads RC 120/200, Jonathan Hefney 2011 Absolute Memoribilia 417/799

    Saints- Marques Colston 2011 Topps Supreme 68/99, Mark Ingram 2011 Topps Supreme RC 405/429, Archie Manning 2007 Legends 388/999

    Rams- Lance Kendricks 2011 Bowman Strerling RC, Torry Holt 2002 Score (Numbers Game) 1030/1363, Seven Jackson 2011 Plates and Patches (City Limits) 113/299,

    Bears- Red Grange 2006 Donruss Classics 583/1000, Zackary Bowman 2008 Threads RC 292/999, Dick Butkus 2002 Prestige (Banner season) 1963/1965, Michael Haynes 2003 UD RC 1507/2003, Gabe Carimi 2011 Threads 206/250

    Cardinals- Larry Fitzgerald 2006 Topps Pro Bowl (Gold) 1633/2006, Sam Acho 2011 ROokies and Stars RC 115/150, Kevin Kolb Topps Supreme 17/75,

    Panthers- Deangelo Williams 2011 Threads 7/250 100/250, Brandon LaFell 2010 Score (Hot Rookies) Artist Proof RC 7/32, Jonathan Stewert 2011 ROokies and Stars (Blue) 73/75, Deangelo Williams 2011 Rookies and Stars (Green) 13/25, Steve Smith 2011 Threads 91/100

    49ers- Alson Smith 2011 Bowman Sterling RC, Chris Culliver 2011 Threads RC 88/250, Michael Crabtree 2011 Threads 55/100, Ronnie Lott 2006 Donruss Classics (Timeless Tributes) 1/100, Reggie Smith 2008 Gridiron Gear RC 668/999

    Jets- Jeremy Kerley 2011 Bowman Sterling RC, Scotty McNight 2011 Rookies and Stars (Blue) 63/75, Santonio Holmes Topps Legends 93/299, Wayne Cherebet 2002 Gridiron Kings (Black) 69/100, Anthony Schlegel 2006 Threads RC 105/200, Mark Sanchez 2009 Score (Hot Rookies) Scorecard RC 135/499, Mark Sanchez 2011 Threads 233/250, Justin McCareins 2005 Score 34/399

    Raiders- Tyron Smith 2011 Threads RC 33/250, Louis Murphy 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) 58/150, Willie Brown 2011 Threads 28/100,

    Chiefs- Mike Pinkard 2003 UD 53/200, Priest Holmes 2006 Topps DPP 379/499,

    Patriots- Kevin Faulk 2008 Score (Scorecard) 340/649, Terry Glenn 1998 UD3 (Next Wave) 1555/2000

    Broncos- Nate Irving 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) RC 36/150, Virgil Green 2011 Bowman Sterling RC, Julius THomas 2011 Bowman Sterling RC,

    Bills- Steve Johnson 2008 SP Authentic (Rookie Authentics) 166/1399, Johnny White 2011 Bowman Sterling RC 28/50, Paul Posluszny 2007 Topps RC 1234/2007,

    Browns- Owen Marecic 2011 Threads RC 71/100, Colt McCoy 2011 Threads 158/250,

    Chargers- Shawne Merriman 2007 Score (Red Zone) 46/120, Brandon Siler 2007 Score RC (Scorecard) 109/750, Mike Tolbert 2011 Threads 202/250

    Packers- Jim Taylor 2011 GOld Standard (Legend) 102/299, Donald Driver 2011 Prestige (Prestigious Pros) 1/100

    Cowboys Roy Williams Gridiron Kings (Brown) 81/100

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    Got bunches of redskins game used and patches in my bucket. Would be looking for Lions Game used and patches in return. Let me know.
    looking for Barry Sanders inserts, base, game used and auto's I don't have. Trading with honesty, respect and fairness. BV,TV and SV are not always what a card is worth. bucket: Hidden Content

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    Cool, I'll take a look Shaqman1970 I have a double sided jersey with Shaq and Yao Ming /100 also.


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    Quote Originally Posted by theadamsharpe View Post
    Cool, I'll take a look Shaqman1970 I have a double sided jersey with Shaq and Yao Ming /100 also.

    Sweet I can use that also. Let me know what you find. PM me if it's easier. Either way....
    looking for Barry Sanders inserts, base, game used and auto's I don't have. Trading with honesty, respect and fairness. BV,TV and SV are not always what a card is worth. bucket: Hidden Content

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    Sorry, I still need to look over your cards, Shaqman. I'll try to come up with a trade offer and PM you before the holidays but if not I will do it soon after. It's been so crazy over here at my house. ; p


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    Shaqman1970- I looked over your cards and I wrote down all the Redskins. I just need to check what I don't have and will send a trade offer.

    texs3000- I'm looking for a Redskins auto for the Murray auto.


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    sent you a pm earlier
    MLB - Angels: Mike Trout (All Cards); and other Angels Autos, Game-Used, & RCs
    NFL - Redskins Autos, Game-Used
    NHL - Penguins
    Autos, Game-Used
    Vintage of HOFers (MLB)

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    Halos Fan- I don't have any Broncos autos right now. I would love to trade with you. If you're interested in something else or you can find a three person trade I'm down with that.


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    Hi, I have a R&S Longevity Alfred Morris rc and a R&S Longevity Morris Ruby rc. I like your Doug Martin and Russell Wilson orange platinums. I dont have much other redskins, but I like the Luck platinum rc too if there is anybody/other team/sport you like? Lmk if interested.

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