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    Need a quick answer .. thanks!!!

    I dont know why I cant find it, but can someone here point me in the right direction.

    Where are the posts for people who want to make an ebay auction announcement? I have a few auctions ending in a couple hours for some 05 Bowman Draft Chrome RCs and would like to increase the hits.

    I know theres a section on here somewhere, I think one of the mods showed it to me before. I created a post about a week ago when I first listed them and would like to give it a bump.

    Thanks in advance guys!!

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    if you`re having trouble locating a certain post/thread, or if you can`t recall what forum you had a certain post in, you can always click on your User CP/profile, then click on find members posts. It will show all posts/threads you made. You`ll be able to find it there. Or you can find yourself in the members list and click on you there to find your posts. Better yet, just click on your nick and click on find more posts.

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