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Thread: New Years Hobby Resolutions?

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    New Years Hobby Resolutions?

    I love to/and hear people talk about the hobby as there isn't much NHL to talk about unfortunately. Hey at least we got the Juniors for now. But I just wanted to hear if you guys have any New Years resolutions regarding the hobby. It could be anything.

    To get the ball rolling, mine is that I should be more patient when it comes to buying cards on eBay for the PC that I know there is a large supply of. For example I bought Backstrom's Requisite Radiance from this years Series 1 for $30 on eBay, then moments after, the exact same card was listed for a $16 BIN. Not too much of a difference but still enough to make you go ughhh.

    I'm hoping you guys have some neat replies and I'm curious to read these :)

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    Some great goals so far guys! Keep em comin. I love reading them!

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    1. Keep on enjoying the hobby.
    2. Trim the Carey Price collection down to ~200-250 cards.
    3. Keep building up the Josh Gorges and Max Pacioretty collections.
    4. Depending on when we see NHL hockey again, start at least 1 new Canadiens RC PC collection.
    5. Get a Maurice Richard memorabilia card.
    6. Pick up 2-3 of the History of Hockey art/memorabilia cards that I suggested to Dr. Price that were included in the set. So far I've already got a "The Captain Returns" of Saku Koivu incoming.
    7. If the 2011-12 season is cancelled, I might just continue building up my San Francisco 49ers PC at the expense of new hockey card acquisitions.
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    I have one resolution to add: Go to the Toronto Expo for the first time!!!

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    Bust more packs or boxes..most fun part of this hobby

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    1)Continue to chase cards of my favorite cards
    2)Finish a bunch of sets listed on my wantlist
    3)Trade for Montreal Forever Rivals cards
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    To promise not to scream at potential traders when they want $15.00 to $50.00 parallel cards and have nothing more to trade than useless Upper Deck inserts from 2009-2012.

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    1) Focus more on vintage.
    2) Complete the 71-72 topps/OPC booklet set
    3) Finish the T205 Yankee team set.
    4) Get 100 trades
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    1) No more breaking cases of the cup or any other products
    2) purchase Crosby's 2011-12 honorable number
    3) for my personal PC ( I love the rich history of Baseball) try to collect all 25 HOFers from the T205 set.
    4) not to take this hobby too seriously and have fun with it.
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    I'm going to add one more for myself. To develop good friends and a positive reputation on this forum for years to come.

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    Stop spending a grand here and a grand there. I find the hobby much more enjoyable when I spend a hundred here and there.

    also focus more on buying singles.

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