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Thread: New Years Hobby Resolutions?

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    1) Complete some unfinished sets and subsets
    2) Get organized and eliminate 80% of my traders
    3) Downsize my collection
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    I want to focus my collection on the history of the game. And by history I mean not only collect vintage cards, but also learn the aspects of the historic period that I collect. The economy, the politics...use the cards to fuel a passion for the game and it's own history. That way, to acquire an old card is more than simply having another card to display.

    I also want to spend less on cards; I never paid more than 22 $ for a card, and I would like to diminish that number in 2013. Let's say no more than 15.

    Third I want to take a shot at a set of OPC logos from TL-01 to TL-34 and create the basis of teams displays all around the house.
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    1 - Spend more time/money at my LCS and less on eBay
    2 - Spend a little less on the hobby overall
    3 - Focus on quantity over quality in my Danny Watkins collection
    4 - Finally decide if I'm keeping or losing my Canucks RC collection
    5 - Make some real progress on the Canucks-OPC/OPCP collection
    6 - Stop getting sucked into retail purchases

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    Mine is simple: Fewer, higher-end cards.
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    My resolution is to continue to keep my Sedin PC as complete as possible - but like the OP I'll try to be a bit more judicious as to when I pull the trigger, and not pay the 'first one on ebay' premium quite so often.

    I picked up a ridiculous amount of 1/1's last year (40 if memory serves correct) which brings me up to 78, at the rate they're being churned out should be doable to hit the century mark in the upcoming year.

    Beyond the cardboard resolutions though, first and foremost I'll resolve (and hope others join me) to have fun and enjoy the community spirit on these forums. I think the lockout has cast a bit of a cloud over the hobby, as has the polarizing threads around History of Hockey, hopefully this year will bring us labour peace as well as positive (or at least constructive) threads.
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    This year I resolve to finish what I've started.

    I have to finish my Man Cave / Hall of Fame and I have to see what all I've got and I have to catalogue it somehow.

    The "hobby" has become an obsession / hoard for me and that just ain't healthy. Last year I worked more hours and earned more money than ever and all I've got to show for it is the same debtload and piles of cardboard that the godforsaken cat won't leave alone! So..........I quit, cold turkey. No more new shtuff til I've at least dealt with the old shtuff. How hard can it be really? I'm a grown man, right?? Besides, the kids I inherited a couple years ago have never been on a vacation, there's a small window where swimming with the dolphins will actually be a memory for them and this is the year :)

    Happy New Years fellas, I hope we all have a good one!
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    Open up my online store by the end of the year
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    Mine is to expand my Cheechoo & Hamill PCs. Also to complete the base sets I've been working on for ages! (Big COMC order coming up).
    Trying to do the jersey set from 2009/10 Upper Deck as well

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    Mine is to focus more on the pre-2004 part of my PC and less on chasing new rookie cards that will drop in value if I am patient and wait for a few months after they are released. Since the lockout, I have been finding a lot more cards from my wantlist, and I have even been able to pick up a bunch of cards I never thought I would own. I am more excited when I receive 1 nice pre-2004 card than I am when I get 50 base cards from 2012-13, yet I keep buying new stuff for some reason.
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    Well, looking to add to my Zetterberg PC and not get side are the main cards I will target this year that have eluded me

    Zetterberg YG
    Zetterberg SP authentic auto patch rc
    and UD Premier auto patch rc
    Looking for your Adam Lowry, low mid and high end!

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