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    How to make inception custom cards?

    My question is how do y'all make the inception custom cards or dark cards to get signed with a paint pen. Also what program can make them look good. Gimp or photoshop. Last question which model photoshop?

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    Either program will work. Photoshop is what I use.

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    Gimp,Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape. etc. I have even used powerpoint to make customs. It's all about which program that you are more comfortable using. I recommend vector graphics and saving in 300 dpi.

    If you want to outsource the work, I'm sure someone on here could also make one for you for a donation since many of them have made Inception customs themselves.
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    Photoshop is what I used. You set the size that you want to create, always give it a bleed. Than set the colors you want. Choose the color you want with black ETC (Red/ black). In Photoshop, go to filter render clouds. After that just use a soft brush, masking layer and erase the part you do not need. Mostly is a trial and error. Right there you should be able to get something going. Guys I think what he want if anyone had a tutorial on how to make design. Hope this help out for you.
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    Bump would love a tutorial on how to make an inception card or just a good custom with gimp

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    Bump recently go photoshop so would love to learn how to make some

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    Read my post earlier on how to make the clouds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valguerra View Post
    Read my post earlier on how to make the clouds.
    I think he is brand new to custom card making and ur lesson is a bit too complicated for him. Idk maybe I am wrong

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