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    GMA Grading

    Just got about 15 mid tier cards back from grading with GMA grading service.... I must say.. I have read some negative stuff about their service, but I dont think there is enough positive. I feel all of my cards received the grade they were deserving of. They dont just hand out 9's and 10's like candy. They were actually pretty stringent, as they knocked some of my cards harder than I thought. Not to mention the slabs are quality, the turn around is like a week, and they charge like 2 or 3 bucks a card!! They only downfall is they dont have population reports on their cards ,which ive suggested to them. I know they dont have the big name like BGS or PSA... but this service is a million times better than BCCG. Bottom line is this is a quality service and I would not question cards graded with this service. Cards recieving 9 or 10's here would most likely receive similar marks at BGS or PSA.... In my opinion
    lemme know if anyone else has had experiences with GMA grading
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    Why not try ISA Grading? We have $5 per card grading at a 10 day turn around time. We have a population report and also offer bulk submission discounts!

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