Sometimes, when you're scanning through the top scorers, a player catches your eye. He stands out because you are certain he's not yet ready to be such a force, or perhaps he doesn't have the talent to hold such a lofty position. Whatever the reasoning, you're surprised to see him there. Nine times out of 10, the reason for the elevated status is simple: linemates.

That's not to say the player doesn't have skill. There are a lot of coattail riders with tons of skill. Pittsburgh's James Neal is a great example. He has the talent to become a steady 70-point player. But because he plays with Evgeni Malkin (and Malkin's injury 'substitute' Sidney Crosby), he could very well produce 90. With the right combination of chemistry and talent, a player's linemates could mean the difference between 30 and 40 points this (shortened) season. Here are my picks for the biggest coattail riders for 2012-13: