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Thread: Off Season Chit Chat

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    Cool Off Season Chit Chat

    I thought I'd make a thread for all things to do with the off season. The Draft, Free Agent Frenzie, Trades, Buy-Outs, etc

    Let me start (keeping in mind I'm just some dumb guy with too much time on my hands lol), Luongo to Philadelphia. Back the other way goes Brayden Schenn. Taylor Hall to Pittsburgh for Kris Letang. My Leafs make a deal for a first line Center to help out Phil (who they'll resign too by the way).
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    Vinny lecaviel gets bought out by the lightning. Possible destinations include Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Florida and I'm going out on a limb and saying the NYI.
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    Dave Bolland on his way out in Chi town? Letang to TO? Sounds like Kunitz has Re upped to Pittsburgh. Lots of excitement these days.
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    Bolland is not going anywhere. With the buyouts of Montador and Olesz it gives them 6-7 in mil more in cap space to resign anyone they want to keep.
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    Would be happy to see a player like Letang in Edmonton, but the last guy they should trade away is Hall. For Letang, I wouldn't want to see the Oilers give up any of their "top 4" forwards (or Schultz, for that matter) so if that means a trade was unworkable, I think there are other players that would make better targets for them anyway.

    On Letang, the other problem with trading anything significant for him - is that he has only one year left on his deal. No way the Oilers (or anyone) gives up anything great for him, as a one year rental. Only way Pittsburgh gets a good return (like they did with Staal) is if he is willing to negotiate an extension first..... and if I'm Kris Letang, there is no way I do that. Extending with Pittsbrugh would be okay, but if he's not staying with the Pens, he'd be a fool to pass up free agency (unless the team aquiring him is willing to pay him foolish money).

    The Oilers.... what I'd like to see happen: Hit the free agency market hard, and bring in Vetern Forward talent. Offer Lecavalier $5.0 million for 4 years. Offer Jagr $5.0 million for 2 years. I'd even go higher for Jagr on a 1 year deal. Lecavalier, don't think I'd want to see him earn much more than that. Then use Gagner, Paajarvi, and the 7th pick as trade chips to upgrade the defence. Hemsky can be moved for spare parts (a depth player for the 3rd or 4th line, plus a mediocre prospect, or mid-round pick) and give Horcoff away to a team looking to get to the cap floor (his cap hit is $11m over the next two years, real salary is only $7m. The contract may be brutal.... and a free spending team like Philly wouldn't want any part of him, but teams like the Islanders, Predators, Coyotes, etc - ones that want to spend lower dollars... Horcoff would put $4m in their pockets over the next two seasons).

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    Letang told CNN yesterday that he wants to be a Leaf if the Pens cannot find some of that free Malkin Money that's floating around.

    What are they paying Martin? I bet less than 1 Mil per. He was their best D-Man by a wide margin this year. The wrong guy got nominated for the Norris.

    Right now the Pens have to come up with some dough to pay Dupuis as well, I don't relish Shero's task. The Pens are about to look like the Hawks a couple of years ago.

    Cooke can move on, they can replace him even though he was their best forward this playoff season, Vitale can move on, I don't see the fit there. He cannot get motivated enough offensively.

    The Pens can give up some toughness up front, and save some dough there. Jokinen and Iginla and Morrow have to be gone, the latter two, due to age.

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    Yikes. For curiousity sake, I looked up Paul Martin's salary..... $5m / year (he's their highest paid defenseman right now) is a great site for seeing Salaries / Cap Hits if anyone is interested.

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    Kinda forgot about ol iggy. Wonder where free agency takes him.
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    Jaezus, I didn't realize that the Pens paid Martin that kind of scratch. I have not been on Capgeek for a year, and have lost touch.

    Perhaps that's why Letang is looking to the heavens, he want's probably 1.5 more Per than Martin, at the very least.

    This is why you have to be very careful when you overpay. Sombody else close by, is watching.

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    lol. Yeah. Martin is making big coin, and I'm sure Letang sees himself as the better player, so 6.5 is going to be a must for him.

    Iggy is an intresting one. Eveyone says the Pens can't afford him.... but I'm not so sure.

    Really - how much is ANY team going to pay Jarome Iginla?

    He is no longer a reliable enough scorer to play in the top 6 on a decent team. That's not a knock against him, just a reflection of the fact that he's 36 years old, and many years of a very physical game have caught up with him.

    Now, consider this. Iggy (IMO) is only going to sign with a contender, and probably only a 1 year contract (and may just keep re-upping until he wins, or he's done). He's made nearly $70m in his career.... so is he really going to sign somewhere like (as an example) Nashville, for $3m, when he could probably stay in Pittsburgh for half that? He picked his own suitor when being traded, so he obviously thinks that playing with Crosby & Maklin gives him a great chance of winning (no gaurentees anywhere he signs). I would also think that out of respect for the Flames, Iginla probably stays in the East (so not to be playing against them nearly as much). If he's going to sign with a contender..... that would be the Pens, Bruins (but burnt that bridge?), and then who?? Rangers?? Flyers?? Caps??

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