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Thread: Set collectors a dying breed?

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    Set collectors a dying breed?

    I was at a card show recently and asking for some commons. The collector/dealer said "set collector's are a dying breed." I know that there are still a lot of set collector's out there but they do seem to be declining (just a feeling).
    I know that I like the challenge of putting together a set but it's difficult for me to have the patience (not my forte). It can be very frustrating.
    Any former set collector's who have given up set collecting?

    The sets I am trying to finish are on my site. Please take a look.

    Good luck collecting to all

  2. Kronozio
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    I for one am a set collector. I collect the regular Topps set and Topps Heritage. I am a set collect in etopps as well. Just 4 cards short of the '03 baseball set. I would have ordered them but ran out of money.:(
    I have been working on Fleer '93 and topps '94 baseball for a few years now and have yet to finish.
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    I read a article in Beckett saying that set collecting is going to be making a comeback, but I haven't been able to tell so far by forums and sites on the net.

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    I just finished a set of 2003 Donruss Elite Football last night

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    I normally do not build sets but this year i am building the Topps Heritage and the Bowman Chrome. I forgot how much fun and agony LOL it could be.

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    I used to build sets when I first started collecting. I had every Topps football set from 83-89 (the 83 set was the ONLY one I DID NOT put together by hand, the rest I did), 89 Pro Set FB, 89 Score FB, 90 Score BB, 88-89 Fleer Basketball, 89-90 Fleer Basketball, 89-90 Hoops, the first year Skybox Basketball set, and a few of the Traded sets. These were all part of the collection I had to sell in 94 :( I have tried to put together sets since, but I just can't get into it!

    I do have 1 complete set....the 1983 Kelloggs Baseball set 1-60

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    I still try to put together sets from current years and starting to do some older years as well from the 70's. It is just hard to find people now a days to trade with to complete the sets. When you go to shows the dealers 9 times out of 10 don't bring the commons, just the stars. And people I have seen online 50% of the time want GU/Autos for commons!! I don't mind in some instances but if that is the case I usually look around a bit harder before making a deal with them.

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    Since I got back into the hobby, I haven't bothered to collect sets at all, but I used to. I think, for me, its an issue of space...if I collected sets of everything I bought a box of, I would need another room just to hold all of the sets. So, I basically stick to stuff I can grade, or graded items, and stars that I like...

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    im still a set collector kinda, every year i collect the opc hockey set, and other sets that i buy a bunch of packs and im close i try to find the rest of the cards

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    I like building sets. Been doing it for years, except when the short print fad hit. That's what I like about this years Bowman Chrome. Very few short prints.
    The problem I found is that card shops don't break product like they used to and it's difficult to find the cards you need for set building. Card shows help a bit, but a set is tough to finish unless you buy boxes until you finish it yourself.
    Another problem is what do I do if I want to have my 94 Arod SP or 93 SP Jeter graded? Do I break up the set to see if I can get a good grade? This kind of hurts unless I have a dup of it.

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