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    Is there a Graded card value multiplier???

    I can't explain it, but I love graded cards. Since mainly only graded RCs are listed in Beckett, has anyone heard of a multiplier system for valuing any graded card against it's ungraded value listing? Thanks...

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    yea its listed in the beginning pages of a beckett, like right where it begins to list book values of cards look right above it, it has a chart for determining value of a graded card

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    can anyone let me know what a 86 topps payton card 11 would be worth? Graded a 9

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    If it's not listed in the GRADED portion of the football beckett, I couldnt tell ya.

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    a payton 86 topps graded 9 (either PSA, GAI or BGS) books for $40 as of my January beckett

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    theucanes- I wasnt blowing you off. I guess I assumed you'd looked in the beckett already and couldnt find it. I use beckett's OMG which doesnt list any graded values which really annoys me.

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    thanks andrew
    jedi, I just realized that that looked like a rude remark, but I was literally saying thanks for the responce and the fact u went through beckett for me, sorry if it seemed rude I was thanking you. Sorry 40 bucks for the payton someone here offered me like 3-4 dollars trade value cause it was graded a 9

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    theucanes- no worries. PMs can be tricky sometimes and wanted to clarify my thread entry as friendly. I did find an older beckett I bought before I went to the online version. $40, just as andrewcstein stated. I hear ya wrt to people trying to low-ball any card not graded gem. I get the same too sometimes.
    Example: I have a Tom Brady Mystique RC graded BGS9.0 (BV $100). Someone wanted to buy it and I asked for $50 (lo-BV is $60) and I got politely told "what???heck no".

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    well, the beckett DOES list graded values.. you just have to do a tiny bit of math. in the beginning section it lists what % of original BV the card is graded depending on BV.. so if it books for $10 and its NrMt and the beckett says it's worth 200% if it's NrMt, then it'd book for $20.

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