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    Sp Auth Patch, Rice Auto, BRaylon Contenders, R. Williams Patch Autos

    I am looking to trade or sell. If trading I would prefer nice Bowman Chrome prospects nice Sp Authentic Patch Rcs in football or other things. . If interested in anything let me know, since I cannot post scans on this site, please click on the link where I have all the scans posted 56K users probably shouldn't view because there are alot of scans.

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    So how about I might have to fight you for your Pujols Auto Base. ;) Any chance on parting ways with that

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    Didnt see anything for it sorry. Do you have any decent 2005 Bowman Chrome prospects in baseball?

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    im interested in in the Adrian Peterson, Jerry Rice, Anthony Thomas and Dez White

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    only one like my pujols sold for like $1,225 last week, did you see anything else?

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    THat was all I saw, I didn't really expect to get the Pujols although I am a bit surprised it sold for that much, pretty nice card. ;)

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