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Thread: K-Mart Cracking Down

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    K-Mart Cracking Down

    My wife picked me up a Fleer Ultra box from K-Mart yesterday. She said that all the cards are now kept behind a counter and you have to ask someone to get what you want. She asked them why they moved the card there, and they said that too many people were "messing with" packs (pack searching).

    It must have been a pretty big problem for them to move all their cards. It'll definitely solve the pack searching problem though.

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    that definatly will solve it. It was happening alot at the walmart I go to so they moved them from the front of the store to the very back where there are no cameras. I guess out of site out of mind.

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    They used to have them in a case here also until they got lazy and didnt want to have to unlock it.. now it is in a open glass case

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    That's great that K-Mart did that, no more K-Mart pack searchers now. Lets just hope it catches on elsewhere

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    Well I live in Minnesota, and the WalMart here no longer carries packs... The K-Mart though still does they have them right up by the customer service counter... The K-Mart still has good box deals they carry a good amount of stuff too...

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    Walmart in our area keeps their cards at the way anybody could search them without being seen...though I wonder if the cashiers would care

    The KMart here has a good selection usually better than Walmart and keeps theirs way on the other side of the store away from general traffic...easy for someone to pack search there

    I really like the target. I love their cards, they always get the new releases first...but I'm sure pack searching goes on there.

    I think I will mention it to the stores and how it hurts kids...maybe if I speak up something can be done...

    I've never purchased a single pack from any of these stores...cheaper to buy the box.


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    What does some1 do when they search a pack, I mean how can they tell if its good or not??

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    What does some1 do when they search a pack, I mean how can they tell if its good or not??

    Many things, from tearing the packs to bending... all looking for the obvious "Thicker G/U, etc" sadly, many times they just ruin a bunch of cards for the rest of the buyers.

    All the way to opening & resealing!! The %&^$'ers

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    lol thats sad. It makes me mad becuase while I dont search packs I like to pick one from a certain spot in the box (superstition I guess). I do not want someone just handing me a pack.

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