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    Some other customs I've worked on over the last 6 months or so.

    2016 Donruss Football Recreation

    2021 Epic Legends original

    2021 Epic Galaxy Patches Legendary 1/1 original /w 3d printing

    1990-91 Fleer Basketball recreated as football.

    1986 Topps football recreated as a "frozen parallel"

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    finally, Tecmo Super Bowl Legends originals

    That Mooney is money and that McMahon is amazing! I love it!
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    What 3d Printer and Programs and stuff do you use? I am interested in making some myself!
    I am a fan of Nick Bosa . I collect Sets and players in my PC. PCs: Nick Bosa, Cam Newton, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, Dalvin Cook, Irv Smith Jr, James Robinson, Travis Etienne, Tyler Johnson, Chris Godwin RC/GU/AU, and Mike Evans RC/GU/AU.
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    That Mooney is money and that McMahon is amazing! I love it!

    Thanks! I sent the Mooney off with a bunch of other 2020 rookies last November for TTM, no dice. For 2021 I did a bunch of rookies similar to the McMahon but nothing back yet.

    What 3d Printer and Programs and stuff do you use? I am interested in making some myself!

    Hardware list:
    • Creality Ender 3 Pro with an upgraded motherboard I installed myself. If you keep an eye out on you should find that one or the Ender 3 v2 out there. I'd recommend the v2 as it comes with the upgraded board already. Makes a WORLD of difference from a noise standpoint. I only use this for my memorabilia cards. The regular TTM cards I make is just photopaper, though I am looking for better glossy cardstock.
    • Canon iX6820 purchased first from Amazon back in 2016 then bought another one direct from Canon a couple months ago when the print head died. Has individual toner carts plus a black ink for photo and black ink for text. It can also print 11"x17" which I think will come in handy someday.
    • Epson Perfection v370 for scanning. Not really needed for 3d printing but when showing off creations like the Bosa, I'll scan at 300 dpi so that the patch fits my original card design perfectly when demoing it online.
    • My camera phone. Sounds simple, but I'll take close up pictures of interesting textures I find out and around to use in future projects. Brick, wood planks, close-ups of grass, the sun poking between trees, tall buildings, etc. Some far away shots also serve well. That McMahon picture up there? The base image is from here - ! The Trevor Lawrence from a previous page was searching for "Jacksonville buildings" in Google till I found one I liked. It's amazing This awesome movie poster gets the texture for its background from an image of rust. Just plain old rust on some metal. -

    Software list:
    • Photoshop CS4 - it's an old version of PS but it does everything I need to design cards. Got it when my wife was a student and I transfer the license to each new computer I build. or GIMP are freeware open source alternatives, the latter with a lot of good community support.
    • Corel PhotoImpact X3 - The program I used to use before Photoshop. Used to be owned by Ulead until Corel bought them out. It's not nearly as powerful as Photoshop but I've used it for decades and there's still some stuff I'm faster at in PI than I am in PS. Both support layers which is critical to design.
    • SketchUp Make 2016 Free edition - it's a freeware version to their Pro. I think later versions are "cloud-based" which I don't prefer. It's a very basic 3d modeling program. When designing cards, you don't need anything more than a rectangle that's 2.5" x 3.5" with the ability to make a hole or holes somewhere for a patch if desired.
    • Ultimaker Cura 4.8 - there might be newer versions out but they are all free. This is used as a slicing program to take the stuff made in SketchUp Make or similar 3d modeling programs and slice it into machine code the 3d printer understands. You can do some light editing in there as well like size, rotation, supports, and a whole slew of printer options.

    Depending on where you want to start I would recommend with designing your own cards. GIMP is free and all it takes is time. There's some great tutorials out there on Youtube, you can search for something like this - That's about designing movie posters, but you'll understand layers and different tools in GIMP which you can apply to card designs.

    If you want to start moving on to making your own relics start by using decoys they put in packs or a couple of cheap base cards taped/glued together to form your base. You could also see if your local library or your high school or college alma mater has a 3d printer you can use. That's how I got my start before buying my own. You can use some Fiskar's hole punch tools to make your windows then buy cheap jerseys off of eBay and cut them up.

    It's a lot to take in. I would recommend starting simple then try out new strategies as you start to feel comfortable with your skill. Accept getting frustrated and take a break from it if it's not fun. For all the designs I have complete, I have a ton sitting in "In Progress" folders I'll probably never go back to. I had an idea, I couldn't execute it, so I left it alone and worked on something else. When I started this thread years ago I couldn't imagine I'd be pumping out what I'm doing now. And it's only a glimmer of what some other guys here are putting out :). I hope this helps and if you have more questions please let me know!
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