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    I am looking for a book value on a card I have. it is a 2002 Topps Rookie card of Bills offensive tackle Miek williams grqaded SCD 9. Centering 9, corners/edges 9 and centering 10.

    any help is appreciated. I only have this one gradec ard so I wouldnt bother buying an entire price guide.

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    Usually offensive linemen don't bring in the big bucks like their running back and QB counterparts. I'm guessing you got the card free w/ your subscription to Tuff Stuff as they sent me a 2002 graded card as well...jay

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    yes i did, but i was jw on a bv for curosity/trading purposes.

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    Also keep in mind that usually the "10" graded cards go for a bigger premium then the ungraded versions. So check your guides to see what an ungraded card of this player would bring, then add a small premium to it for being slabbed...jay

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