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Thread: Real or Fake?

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  2. Kronozio
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    looks legit to me. not 100% sure though
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    If you look close you can see the edge of the cut out is raised like it was tampered with.

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    My gut says fake. For your sake I hope it is real though.

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    does it say anything about a patch on the card? or is it numbered?
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    if its an upper deck card, its most likely not real. for the most part, upper deck will notate a patch card as such (and the card will also be considerably thicker - its been that way since the late 90's. I highly doubt the card is real, unless it is really thick like the other patch cards they produce.

    Your best bet - contact UD customer service with a picutre and ask them.

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    It looks sketchy to me. On the left side, it doesn't "fit" completely. That's just my $.02...

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    I agree with linksmaker.
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    link to bucket:
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