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    Official Cleveland Browns Thread....

    Ok,had one of these going once before,I'm gonna start up another one.No bashing PLEASE,let's keep the chat friendly even if you don't necessarily agree with something (say..oh I don't know...quarterbacks :P).So article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer yesterday said ole Kelly might just be out the 4-6 weeks that was initially reported when he first got hurt.Is Butch looking like an idiot now? I happy? Yes,LOL.So Couch will be starting the next 2 - 3 weeks (*dance of joy*).And TE Aaron Shea is out for the year with a knee injury (not 100% sure on that,didn't really read the article about it).Anyone else notice how that kid has had just absolutely no luck with us?See..this is when it would've helped to still have Mark Campbell but nooo...I'm not bitter.Anyway gametime vs. the Raiders tomorrow is 1:00,lets get some chit chat goin here!!

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    is the *dance of joy*

    something like the

    cabbage patch dance?

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    I was thinking more along the lines of the Snoopy dance :P LOL bout those Raiders today? ;)

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    Da Browns picked up another win over the Raiders today :)

    Browns play San Diego next week at home - Should be a great game!

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    Yup should be another good one Dwain,4-3 is looking pretty good right now :)

    Game Balls

    *William Green - 26 carries and 140-145 yards,GO WILLIE GO!!!!!! I was like screaming every time they gave this kid the ball,if it hadn't been for a couple of tackles he would've had several HUGE runs in this game!! I was waiting for him to break another one all game after the TD run.Nice to see him get his first rushing TD of the year,and hey he's the first back since Kevin Mack to have back to back 100 yard rushing games.

    *Defense - yes once again they came through,I couldn't give game balls to single players on the D,they all did great.Courtney Brown is finally playing like a first rounder and Gerard Warren made a couple good plays also.BTW I love our linebackers,lol...dang those boys can hit!

    *Phil Dawson - RUN FORREST RUN!!!!!!!! Oh man...I did a quadruple take when I saw that,LOL.That was just pure genius on the part of Bruce Arians.A perfect flip by Chris Gardocki and Dawson runs for a 14 yard pickup?!! How frickin crazy is that!We need to use the fake FG more often..not so often that people will start to expect it...but still,once in a while would be nice.

    And last but not least...a Game Ball goes to the Raiders for their sheer stupidity as far as penalties go today,LOL.19 penalties for like 122 yards?!! Good Lord even WE aren't that embarrassing,and I know we've had our share of huge penalty games.But NEVER anything like that.Man....I would've hated to be in their locker room after the game.I'm betting a looooottt of people got something chewed out...

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    Raiders deserved to lose the game!

    they tried unsuccesfully to run the ball in 1st, 2nd and 3rd what do they do in the 4th?

    they run some more

    Rice finally caught a pass with about 9 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

    what a BS game!!!!

    I am hoping Rice gets traded to Indianapolis, or any team with an actual passing offense.

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    pod - y'know maybe if the collective age of the team wasn't older than dirt they would be having an easier time...*shrugs* but then again I'm not a Raiders fan so I dunno.

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    Sarah, Phil

    All i gotta say is have fun on talking that game over. I honestly didnt think it turn out the way it did

    cleveland winning,,, low scoring LOL

    this could be an interest talk about the teams tee hee


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    Originally posted by AllStar004
    pod - y'know maybe if the collective age of the team wasn't older than dirt they would be having an easier time...*shrugs* but then again I'm not a Raiders fan so I dunno.
    While it's true that the Raiders are old (remember that it's Rice, Brown, Gannon, and Woodson; majority of the other players aren't that old)...

    I'd like for them to bench Gannon in favor of Tuiasosopo, and trade Brown (we only need one possession receiver, and it's Rice over Brown any day)...

    it's gonna be an ugly season for the Raiders


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    Penalty's have killed the Raiders thus far.

    The team just needs a spark and they will put up the numbers. Too many Good/Great players on the team.

    Gannon - Bench him? He just took the Raiders to the big show!!!

    Gannon is not the problem - The Coach calls the plays and you have to remember the Browns have a good core of players that can defend the pass.

    They showed a statistics thing during the game and the Browns have shut down every WR they played so far this season.

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