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Thread: need your input

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    need your input

    I am going to a cardshow this weekend. I want to get a box or 2. I will have around 165-170 to spend. Which ones should i get. I am most likely to pick up 1 box of bdp. I am looking for baseball, basketball, and football. In football i thinking of getting playoff contenders. Basketball i thinking of getting spx, but not sure about that risk. What do you people think?

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    if you are looking to spend that much, take the time to consider buying singles from dealers or eBay instead. Though you do have a chance, though very slim, of pulling an amazing card; you have a greater chance of getting nothing at all and being very disappointed. For close to $200 you should be able to buy one amazing card, but if you want to go for a box in basketball i'd say SPx isnt a bad idea

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    i am not a member of e-bay, plus i am younger than 18. I didn't say I was going to spend it all on cards, i just said i have up to 170 to spend. I might buy some singles too.

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    get your parents cc... like i do.. my parents trust me 100% :) ve already got a 10 ebay feedback.. lol... but cardshow ooooo.. .lol...
    Football: Donruss elite, playoff honors, LRS
    Baskeball: Topps Pristine, Topps, FLeer Focus, or Bowman rookies and stars,

    OR spx for ne sport

    hope that helps

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    they trust me, but they don't buy anything with credit cards on internet.

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    o i c... so.. get a paypal account... lol.. .but yeah.. card shows ive seen are the best way to go to get boxes and such

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    yeah, i got a box of bdp for 65, when they are going for 72 on da card world and in my box i got delmon young. I am going to see what i get. I think i am going to try to sell some of my cards to get $15 worth, buy a box of bdp and playoff contenders. I think i might get some packs of spx basketball. Thanks for your input.

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    NBA buy bazooka (3 Jerseys for like $45) or Pristine. Out of all the boxes I busted this year almost every single one that has come out. These 2 have been the best. Sp Signature should be here soon if not all ready!!!!!

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