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Thread: Card Cash Information and Uses

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    you can buy CC with cash or pay-pal, but if you buy a card with CC from somone the same as with pay-pal "instant transfer" it dont count towards a trade/sale transaction, makes sense dont it?
    Only Collecting Nebraska Players Autos/GU

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    What are some posts that are worthy of being awarded CC? I'd just like to see an example, to base some of my work off of. :)
    I collect: Calvin Johnson, Drew Stanton, Maurice Ager, Shannon Brown, Chris Bosh, Michael Jordan, Curtis Granderson, Justin Verlander.

    My bucket is under construction.

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    Looking for any White Sox GU/AU....and Carlos Quentin
    Looking for 07 SP Authentic By the Letter Signatures-Carlos Quentin (Need Q, T)
    I only trade even BV

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    Thank God...I was wondering what the heck CC's I know.
    I am looking to sell a huge collection of cards, all sports, all in excellent condition. PM me for specifics.

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    Thanks for the post with the great info

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    how did i lose 5cc...i had 0 now i have -5...and how do i get it
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    will buy auto or patch cards with same serial number as jersey number from current Detroit Lions and Tigers...also barry sanders, al kaline and chauncey billups

    also buying 09 Stafford autos, 07 Calvin Johnson autos, Ernie Harwell autos, Al Kaline Autos, 08-10 Miguel Cabrera autos, 05 Verlander autos

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