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Thread: Using Book Value on SCF

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    Using Book Value on SCF

    It is against the law for people to own a Beckett Online Subscription and then start threads on SCF letting people know you will look up card values for them. Here are some general rules SCF members must follow:

    • Do not start threads stating you have a Beckett account and will look up cards for anyone
    • Do not scan pages in Beckett and post them as images on SCF
    • Do not post other copyrighted information that is sold on another site

    We will be putting together a write-up in our rules section to reflect this. What you do off the boards is none of my business, but if copyrighted information that is for sale is posted for free on SCF I can get in trouble.

    SCF will be offering our own Online Price Guide soon and hopefully there will be no need to post other sources in the future.
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    If you don't know the bv, can you ask for the help on the bv of a card that you have??

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    If you don't know the bv, can you ask for the help on the bv of a card that you have??
    Send a PM or just mention what you think the card is worth. Referencing Beckett can get SCF in trouble. It basically means you are buying a magazine or paying for an online price guide and turning it into a community tool. It would be easy for me to buy a Beckett OPG and then just share it with the thousands of SCF members. It would be easy and convenient, but also ethically wrong and illegal.

    Hopefully, SCF member understand the legality behind this.

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    This is very important and should be read by all members and understood. The last thing we want is for SCF to be sued and the site having to be taken down.

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    its all good guys, becketts bvs are a crock anymore anyways...
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    I always wondered about this. Ill make sure to warn/report if i see if happen

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    i never knew this was a legal issue.. thanks for the info... chad

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    There are no concerns right now. I'm just doing this as a preventive measure. Also, it is just the correct thing to do.

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    A question about this. If someone is to post a sell or trade list and beckett values are listed next to the cards, is that allowed?

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