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Thread: Worst IP rejection line?

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    Thank God this one didn't happen to me. I had just gotten Matt DeSalvo's autograph when a crowd of people came up to him. He had just come back down from his stint with the Yankees and apparently was thinking very highly of himself. Anyway, one of the "pro" autograph seekers came up to him, Matt looked him up and down and said simply, "I won't sign for you." He then walked away. Three weeks later he did the same thing to everybody. He rejected me several times, until I helped him out by telling people to leave him alone, as he was walking with his arms full and people were bugging him big time for an autograph. I mean he had luggage and his phone and was busy. He nodded at me and came back after going to his car and signed 1 card for me before walking off again telling people he won't sign for them because they were discourteous! He was a unique individual!!!

    haha hes the worst ever! he signed cards for us but was a jerk about it, personalizes them (not that thats a huge issue) hes not very friendly. my buddy had asked him for a second day in a row and he signed the card like this

    go fu** yourself and since it was the bowman it had a facsmile signature so he didnt bother to put his. it was funny and we all got a kick out of it

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    ive never really gotten rejected , but my worst was at the combine was when i saw jeremy maclin and he said he wouldnt sign because he was in a bad mood. he then proceeded to shake a bunch of people's hands and talk to them etc.

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    Here is a funny one:

    NOT AN IP, but posting it anyways.

    I usually stick with email requests for autographs. I do sports only, and stick to NBA, MLB, NFL etc... (pro sports just so you know a tid bit about me )

    I sent an email request to a certain athlete, and about a week later I got a printed letter in my mailbox, no auto mind you. The printed letter stated to get an autograph I needed to send a sase to his address.

    I understand him requesting a sase, (lots do that) but why pay for postage to send the denial (when you are asking for postage in return) .

    hopefully I am not the only one that finds that to be ironic.
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    I should have read 84c4vette's post first. I believe he was there for the situation I posted, after reading it
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    Just today I went to a twins game and joe mauer claimed to just turn the car around and park it closer to the stadium then he would sign. Me and three other guys waited for an hour when joe nathan came out and signed and said "I gotta go guys I am going to joe mauer's house he said he has been just sutton around for a while" I hate joe mauer

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    mines was this year...kevin durant was at the game and i aksed for an auto...he walked up to me from the 3-point line, and i was one of the only 3 ppl there. it was raining really hard so i guess no one wanted to come graph. soooo...he walked up to ME and was like no nonon auto...i have to go pee. as soon as he said that, he walked over to sit down on a seat.

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    morgan ensberg and jeff weaver straight up cold shouldered me at a minor league game on my birthday last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racer64X View Post
    morgan ensberg and jeff weaver straight up cold shouldered me at a minor league game on my birthday last year.
    Who wants Jeff Weaver's Auto anyways lol

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    Ensberg that is normal..but I'm surprised at Weaver. He was overly nice both series in Syracuse. But that's sucky.

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