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Thread: Worst IP rejection line?

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    i had a player tell me one time he was too high to sign... im not going into who it was or anything but it was at a bar and one of the finniest experiences i have ever had

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    Last year at a Trenton Thunder game my son went up to Humberto Sanchez and asked him to sign his ball. Humberto kept walking and completly ignored him, so my son kept asking. To which Sanchez said I can't sign right now.... My son was the only one around, it was 9:30 at night and he was standing there waiting for a ride. All I can say is wow.

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    me and my buddy were down at washington for the caps and rangers game...a couple players signed and then good ol ovechkin drives in and parks in the lot with his dad.....while walking towards us and 2 other people...we ask ovie will u sign..almost bumping in to me he goes.."after this later, tomorrow, nextweek,sometime"...all at the same time...**** russian

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    I have to agree, I also heard Rolen is rude. He did a signing at the local mall when he was a phillie, came 2 hours late, and left right on time.

    Personal experience, Hanley Ramirez in Double A, was hurt at the time so he was just sitting in the dugout during a rain delay, the rain was slowing down, lots of players where out signing but Hanley just said "Sorry guys its raining"....thanks captain obvious. Amazingly talented, but when I read about what he said about having to cut his hair and look professional, it didn't surprise me

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    Ouch I wouldnt expect that with a golfer unless it is Tiger. I do that with photo paper too. I love it, it works great then you dont wind up spending money on photos you dont get signed.

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    A few years ago, I was at a Brewers Spring Training game in Maryvale. The game had just ended and the players were leaving the field for the locker room. I asked Damion Miller, a former Diamondback, if he would sign a baseball for me. He said " I can't, I have to go to work." Everybody around me heard the same thing. I was stumped and could not respond. My only guess was he had to do the night shift at a Circle K somewhere.

    This year was Juan Cruz, another former Diamondback, who is now playing with the Royals. I tried to call Juan over before a Rangers/Royals game in early March. He told me " In a minute." After the National Anthem, a few players came over and signed but Juan used his Ninja skills and vanished without a trace. Last Thursday, Royals/Mariners game ended. As the players left the field, again, I was the ONLY person asking Juan to sign a card. His response " Why the f*ck should I sign for you? " I have no idea why other than I am a fan. My Juan Cruz card is now somewhere buried among the other clutter in my garage. What a guy.

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    I havent been sworn at but snubbed... yes. I cant believe that the players actually use that kind of language in front of fans! I can understand if its just a few PROS trying to get an auto but around the park??? I cant believe it.

    DOnt get me wrong, I curse when appropriate but not when kids are around.

    Iverson would have to be my biggest snub at a sixers game, but of course "autographs? we are here talking about autographs and PRACTICE?"

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    sounds like that juan cruz is a real dips**t, man since i relatively dont go to too many games ( 4-5 dodger games a year, a few inland empire 66ers games, and the occasional elsinore storm and cucamonga quakes game) i have never really been given a bad excuse, but michael garciaparra(nomar's brother) at a ie 66ers game gave me a dirty *** look when i asked him for an auto, and there was maybe me and 2 others that wanted him. thats the worst for me

    will also be going to the california/carolina all star game in elsinore this year as well


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    just found this awesome thread and thought id put in my 2 cents.the only rejection i really got before this years combine was your typical,"when i come back ill sign",or "not right now" or just a flat out "no" Chris "beanie"wells changed that for me and gave me my most memorable rejection.he was walking with moreno,glenn coffee (who also rejected me even though i was wearing a bama hoodie) and the other RB's.I asked beanie if he could sign my ball and i replied, " I dont know,can I?" and just kept shrugging as he walked i thought he was cool as **** when i was paying for his graph at the mall.he was joking with ppl and holding kids.i guess money changes ppl.combine is a good place for getting rejection btw lol

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    I was at the Giants hotel last year and me along with 2 other people approached Fred Lewis, but his rejection line was, "Nah man, I ain't feel like it tah day"

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