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Thread: Most Overrated Athletes....

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    Most Overrated Athletes....

    I don't agree with some of these on the list... Like Plummer.. no one rates him high in the first place... and how are you going to say that Big Ben is overrated?

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    i dont agree with the fact that some players are on there just because they are injured alot. even though pavel bure hasnt done much it is because of his knees. when he is healthy, he still displays his goal scoring touch greatly.

    overrated hockey (im not in an arguing mood so if you dont like my list...tough)

    in no particular order:

    cechmanek (not so much anymore...people know he sucks now)
    richter (retired now)

    im sure im forgetting some so add to the list


    joe mullen (retired)

    i made this list in 2 mintues before i went to bed so i definitely forgot some...add whoever you feel necessary to either list

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    Where's Ken Griffey Junior? Ever since he left that short right field porch in Seattle, he hasn't done a damn thing!

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    Jeter and Soriano overrated? That guy doesn't know what he's talking about!

    I'm not saying that because I'm a Yankee fan, either. Not sure I agree on his closer position, too.


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    I certainly do agree with some of the athletes on that list

    First and foremost is Vince Carter, who is the 2nd most heavily hyped up NBA player. The first is Grant Hill, who was supposed to be the next Michael Jordan. While he was healthy, he wasn’t even 1/2 of a Kobe, much less Jordan.
    And then came along the next MJ, aka Vince “half human, half amazing” Carter. He was a superb player several years ago, good enough to almost take his team to the NBA Finals, barely missing out due to Iverson and the Sixers. The minute he got his $90-110M contract, things went downhill. He started missing all these games due to injuries here and there. Kobe this year alone has had injuries to his ankle, ribs, shoulder, wrist, knee....and he still played 90%+ of the games.

    Second, Antoine Walker is so incredibly hyped up that it’s sad. This guy basically likes to shoot 3-pointers, and that’s it. He hasn’t improved much of other aspects of his game. And next year, the same Walker will show up as the one in previous years. Players like T-Mac, KG, Kobe have all shown improvements in other areas of their game (Kobe this year shot the 3-pointers better than in previous year; and his outside stroke was more consistent)

    Third, Jerry Stackhouse -- this guy, supposedly a go-to guy, has performed horribly in play-offs. It’s one thing to do well, and your team is just bad (a la Kevin Garnett, Jordan in his early years, Pierce)’s another thing to disappear when your team desperately needs you to play your game.

    Notice that the list has a lot of NBA players? David Stern does a great job hyping up the game, much like Vince McMahon of WWF

    I disagree about Phil Mickelson -- the point in golf is to play it, have fun, and make money. He’s very wealthy. Sure, he doesn’t win the big ones. But, I’ll gladly take winning the small tournaments and making several million bucks. Tiger can have his $100M or whatever.

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    Originally posted by IggyWH
    Where's Ken Griffey Junior? Ever since he left that short right field porch in Seattle, he hasn't done a damn thing!
    Thank you.

    I'm glad somebody else brought him up and not me.

    Griffey should be there.

    Mister I was voted onto the All Century Team and now isn't even in the top 30 best baseball players of today.
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    well, in Griffey's defense,

    he's gotten a few hits and a couple of homers these past few years in the Reds uniform

    that oughta be good for a few millions, huh?


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    Griffey definetly, Carter, Grant(im 2 injured to play)Hill, and some may disagree with me on this, but i have to say Reggie Miller. Only because he is such a hot-dog. He is really given more credit than what he deserves. The guy really is not that great. His shooting % is not that high. He may make some three pointers and free throws, but thats all he does. And i will never forget this(i forget which playoff year it was), but Miller and the Pacers were playing the Bulls in the playoffs, and Miller was supposedly sooo injured, that he didnt play most of the game, and near the end of the game, he nailed this key three that lead to the Pacers victory. Then after they won, he started skipping/leaping across the court in joy, showing no signs that he still had an injured ankle. Which was supposedly the reason he didnt play most of the game.

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    HEY! Don't hit on my boy Reggie!!

    He's from UCLA, my alma mater, and that makes him untouchable!!

    Same for Baron Davis


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