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Thread: Need help finding.........?

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    Need help finding.........?

    hey sportscardforum'ers, i need a little bit of help, if anybody could help me out on this one i'd appreaciate it very much, as i have put in a previous post i'm trying to complete an autographed 1983 topps dodger team set. what i need help find now is

    if anybody knows of a pedro guerrero signing ( either for free or at a card show) i have looked locally in so. cal and have had no luck locating anything, if anybody hears or any kind of guerrero signing i'd appreaciate it since for my set i have a team card with guerrero&fernando valenzuela, with fernando already have signed it i need to get these 2 cards signed to getting me that much closer to my goal of completing this set

    thanks for any help ahead of time


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    I've heard you could send to the Dodgers and they will foward it to his address.

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    for guerrero i would rather try to get him in person or thru a signing at a show, due to the fact that i have a card i need him to sign that also has fernando valenzuela on it as well

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