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Thread: Va. Tech + Miami + ACC= domination

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    Va. Tech + Miami + ACC= domination

    The acc will be no doubt the #1 conference if they aquire they will have miami who is usually #1 in the nation, Va. Tech who is usually in the top 5, florida state and nc state who are usually in the top 10 and maryland, georgia tech, and clemson usually flirt with the top 25. i think this will make for a great conference and some great football. and the fact that i am a clemson fan. it will also help clemson in the schedule rank in the bcs. but we have to win first. The ACC is the conference to beat.

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    Even if both schools accept the invitation and leave the Big East for the ACC, it will not make the ACC the conference to beat. FSU is going to be on the downslope... especially after they get put on probation which will happen sometime soon. VaTech will now have to compete with Virginia for recruits which will lessen their swagger. Miami has never been able to hold onto a year out good team so they will lose some swagger. NCSt is a team on the rise but not a Top10 consistant team, and the rest will never be that good of football schools.

    I hate to admitt it, but the Big 10 and Big 12 will always be better football conferences and the Pac-10 is right behind them. This expansion would only move the ACC ahead of the Big East... whoopdy doo!

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    the reason the acc is not one of the top conferences is because until the last couple of years the answer to who was going to win the acc was a reflex and everyone said florida st. now that miami, va. tech and florida st. are (if they are) will generate some tremedous games and revenue. thats not all the acc is planning to do i gaurantee that in a year or 2 the acc will also inveit syracuse and boston college creating the superforce of the NCAA.

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    Keep dreaming buddy. Like I said, it's no guarantee Miami and VaTech are even going to the ACC. No 12th team means no Conference Championship Game. No Conference Championship Game means no big revenue jump like they promised Miami. Miami as of now would be better off financially to stay in the Big East because they wouldn't have to worry about the milti-million Big East buyout fee and the lawsuit which they will definitely lose and owe big bucks for.

    Also after this fiasco, the ACC won't try and invade the Big East again so forget about ever seeing Syracuse and BC in the ACC.

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    The acc isnt stupid they wouldnt just ask miami and va tech unless they showed some kind of remote interest in going to the acc. and i see your a panther well im a tiger (clemson). i live less that 5 miles from the stadium and to have va. tech or miami play a game there with the max capacity being just over 106,000 im sure i could hear the roar from my house even though i would probably be there. The aver ticket to a clemson football game is about 25 dollars not including the hill which are $5 a ticket so some fast math in that one game not including consessions and souveniers. they made 2,650,000 in one game that looks like revenue to me. and i am 1000% sure that i would be sold out its usaully sold out when florida st. comes over for a spanking. so hows that for revenue

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    1 game? You think that increasing revenue for 1 game is enough to bring in 2 more schools? You're just flat out nuts. Look at the whole picture... instead of total revenue from the conference being split 9 ways, it'll now be split 11 ways. So, lets just say for the sake of this discussion that the conference generates 50 million a year (which it's a lot more than that). Splitting that 9 ways would be like 5.5 million each. For Miami and VaTech to join and the same amount to be shared, the ACC needs to come up with 11 million more in revenue. That's like a 18% jump up in revenue... that just doesn't come out of no where. If it were that easy, the Big 10 would add a 12th team and the Pac-10 would add 2 more teams. That's not adding in the buyout fees and the lawsuit that the ACC is going to have to put up with still no Championship Game.

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    As a die-hard ACC fan for the last 20+ years, I have to agree with Iggy that the ACC will not be the conference to beat. The SEC is consistently more dominant year in and year out than the ACC in football. The ACC is on the rise, but hasn't made it to the upper echelon quite yet. I love the fact Amato has turned NCSU into a better program and one that is willing to play the big boys (Though they need to quit scheduling D1-AA and D2 opponents). Fridgen has done very well in his short time in Maryland. Clemson will return eventually. But if Miami and Va. Tech joins, it will increase revenue in football, but kill it in basketball. Neither school is known for its court teams and that's where the money truly is in the ACC. Other than the rash of NBA defections in recent years, the ACC has been probably the best conference year in and year out in college bastketball. Yes, they have been down the last couple of years...but 6 National Championships are hard to dispute in the last 20+ years.

    As to the claim of the spanking FSU receives when coming to Death Valley, I wouldn't make that claim until Clemson has actually beaten FSU in the ACC. At least NCSU can claim to be the giant killer as they have beaten FSU three times in the last five years, including a victory in Tallahassee in 2001 and two straight victories.

    I like Clemson, but they still have a way to go to be back in the ACC hunt. If Miami joins, then the likely South Division will be Miami, FSU, Clemson, Ga. Tech, and Wake Forest. That spells trouble for the Tigers...

    But all of this is moot until the official decisions are announced...

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    in basketball, they will be adding 2 mediocre teams, it will drag down the ACC in basketball, this assuming they will join in bball too?

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    Both teams will be joining in all sports.....

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    Originally posted by RedMania
    in basketball, they will be adding 2 mediocre teams
    Mediocre isn't even the word... combined they had 22 wins and a WHOPPING 8 combined wins in the Big East.

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