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Thread: Case Question

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    Case Question

    I want to open a case. I want to spend maybe $500 or so. Any suggestions of what I can get? I want something that will give me many autos or jerseys and at the same time have many RCs...any ideas? AN EXAMPLE:

    2006-07 Flair Showcase

    $400-450 for a case from D&A

    16 Autos
    32 JSYs

    Plus all of the base RCs...
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    In the $500 range... probably Victory or MVP... low end...

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    The only case I could see you getting for 500$ is a low end such as MVP, victory, maybe OPC......nothing that will give you many autos......jerseys are 1 per box with those products (except victory) which would make 12 jerseys and 1 auto which I believe is the case hit.....if you want maybe you could get 3 or 4 boxes of trilogy which coulc get you 3 autos, 3 jerseys and at minimum 3 rookies per box (sometimes get a "rookie hot box" where you end up with nine rookie instead of the usual 3)

    just my 2 cents

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    Yea, I agree with GOSHARKSGO. I would spend the $500 on a few boxes of higher-end stuff (SPA, Trilogy, Ultimate, ect) rather than a case full of a low end product like victory, MVP, ect. You are much more likely to get some nice hits out of a few nices boxes than out of a whole case of cards from which the most valuable car will probably sell for $20...just my opinion though. Good luck with your purchase

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    I think its totally possible. Try for some 05-06 Fleer Ultra. I've seen that 45 a box some places, maybe they'd do 12 for 500. It probably wont have that many autos (16) but I'll have a decent ammount plus some good hits-- patches, patch autos, etc. And the Sid and Ovy rc's are worth something from those sets.

    I'd also try 06-07 UD2 or MAYBE 05-06 UD2 (there was a time I was getting those for 40 a box)

    Don't waste money on MVP and that bs.

    Let me know how this goes for you; I might even be interested in helping you pull this off, because I love those old breaks. If I get down to the Frank N Sons card show soon I'll ask my guy.

    I know 05-06 Rookie Update isnt bad too, but not sure about the hits on that.
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    i agree you should take it and buy some higher end stuff. Buy 3 or 4 boxes of SPA 3 i bought two boxes and hit a auto patch RC as well as 4 auto rookies 4 non auto rookies and 2 redemption sott one was brandon sutter the other mason/brassard dual

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    I disagree that you should roll 500 into a few boxes of better product-- buying a case is a different experience. I loved being able to break 4 05-06 UD2 boxes for the price of 1.5 boxes of SPA. Even though the case hits, etc are less relevant to the street market, they are really fun to hit; you are gambling to hit the big stuff if you buy four boxes out of a case.

    It's really a question of expected value combined with what you will be happy with. But what I think many advocates for buying a few boxes of new product forget is, because the box price is that much lower, percentage-wise your expected value is similar, and sometimes even better.

    Imagine hitting an Ice Medallion Sid or Ovy rc /100. Or that Rookie Inspirations Sid RC.

    There is one possible downside-- expired redemptions.

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    Yeah I agree opened a SEALED CASE is nice, but stay away from 06/07 Flair, and any MVP, VICTORY,if you do your homework you should be able to find a case of 05/06 UD series 2 in your budget, also 05/06 Ultra, check around you will be surprised what you can find, and yeah I would suggest blowing the wad on say 4 SPA or something, if you are going to go that route, just stick with The Cup, any year, more reward for the risk

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