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Thread: 03-04 Rookies

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    03-04 Rookies

    I'll collect cards of Michael Pietrus (pick 11th, GSW), Boris Diaw (pick 21st, ATL) and Paccelis Morlende (pick 50th)

    Please, think of me when you'll get cards of these players.


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    do you do tony parker?
    ive got a spx auto/rc...

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    No, I don't collect him. It's not that I don't want to but his cards are too expensive for me.
    LMK if you get cards of the other players.


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    thats cool, i got lucky to get that one
    however, it seems that ull have a hard time with peitrus...his stuff should come out high...i know il be looking for 'em

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    OK,but at least let me know for the two other players ;) :hop:

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    i got a diow inspirations the other day, but scratched it off and redeemed it on before i remembered u wanted it, sry

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