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    Official NHL09 SCF OTP Team for XBOX 360

    So it seems like this is gathering some interest in the NHL 10 post. Lets see how many people are interested. If enough people say they are, we should get this going. I can create it if everyone on the boards is okay with it.

    Pretty much just call your positions here. I am a natural born center.

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    I'm a left winger. Xbox Live name is MuskyPenguin.

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    ill go for a d-man, i havent played the OTP really at all though, played over 500 games of VS though

    my GT is CerialThriller

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    im RWer for sure. I got that on lock baby. cns 4 life 10 <<gamertag

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    Alright... so we have a D-man and one forward line.

    Anyone else interested? We still need another D-man and a goalie. We could also use some backup forwards and D-men, so if you are still interested name you position.

    Oh yea, and those of you who already posted in here, please edit your posts and add in your Xbox Live name. Also, I am going to create the team tonight, would you guys rather it be called Team SCF or just Sports Card Forum spelled out. LMK.

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    If my Xbox360 was working...I play the Left Wing

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    edited my original post. Team SCF is better. We need a rock solid goalie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
    edited my original post. Team SCF is better. We need a rock solid goalie.

    Indeed we do.

    I am creating the team right now and I will add you on.

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    okay. please note it is my brothers account so unless it says i am online playing nhl 09 it is not me. and i can play goalie if we have to have one. i am decent but im way better at wing (even though its been a while since i played online)

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    You obviously don't need to have just 1 team.

    You can have several SCF teams.

    I'm pretty committed to my team. At one point we were ranked 125th in the world (which is division 2). Now we are 365th in the world or near there (which is division 4).

    Giroux PC Including 1/1- 93/131 = 70.99% Complete
    Giroux PC not-including 1/1 - 92/118 = 78% Complete

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