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    My father recently bought a microscope that hooks into your computer. It's main purpose is for like scientific things, but you can use it for cards also. The grading company's use 11x power to look at cards. This microscope has 10x, 60x, and 200x power. I took a picture of all 3 of a corner of an Upper Deck Dan Dickau rookie card. The corner looks completely sharp but it's interesting what you see under the microscope.

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    Those pictures are way to cool. I had never looked at a card that way before. Thanks for sharing the pics with us. :)


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    Real nice microscope you have there, nice clear pictures, and even better that it hooks into your computer.

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    Dude, now SCF can have grading...just charge a certain price and....presto...instead if PSA 10 its SCF 10!

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    Haha I was just gonna say that you should be able to make some money off it some how.

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    oh wow!

    Now, I suppose I can understand why a Jerry Rice "10" card goes for about $4000-6000

    and an "8" only goes for about $500

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    That is very cool Ig! I've had a hard enough time finding one of those handheld magnifyers with a light on them that graders use. In fact I'm still looking.


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