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Thread: I Need A Vintage Expert!

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    Exclamation I Need A Vintage Expert!

    Okay, here's the deal. I need to talk to a vintage expert on the authenticity of a card I own. The card is a 1954 Wilson Franks Ted Williams. This 20 card set came as singles in regional packs of hot dogs back then. The Ted Williams graded in somewhat decent condition sells for serveral thousands while a PSA 1 or PSA 2 will still sell for a thousand or so. Well, I own one that's in pretty damn good shape (I'd say AT LEAST a PSA 6) but I'm not so sure it's real. The few that I've found pics of on the internet of a Ted Williams (because they are vary rare cards) have no border (or at least appear not to because they've all been bad quality)but the one I own has about 1/10th an inch border around the card. All other cards I've seen out of the set the cards have this white border though. If you know about these cards or know of anyone I could talk to about these cards, please let me know. I know the guy that sold me the card so I can get my money back if it is a fake of some kind.

    I ran across a guys name who is on the PSA registry that has a few sets of these cards. He is also selling some of them on eBay so I contacted him and he said he didn't know anything about them. With the "bums" of the set graded real bad selling for $300+... how can you own thousands of dollars worth of cards and not know a thing about them? Here's a link to the couple of Williams he has :

    and here's a few other cards where you can see that such a border exists...

    So hit me back if you can shed any light on my situation.

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    Iggy -- PM PWaldo -- he's really knowledgeable about baseball

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    To really get an answer on my question, I'm going to need to talk to someone who has specifically dealt with such cards... and since they are quite rare, that might not be likely to happen. I was thinking though... maybe that guy just has a really crappy scanner and his scanner can't tell the difference between the cards background and the white border. On the other guys Williams, if you look below his shoe, there's space where his shoe color stops and the card continues to go, meaning I think that's the border. Here's another Williams from the same guy. This scan is much bigger and if you squint, you can sort of see lines that make the border :

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    Oh yeah, almost forgot. Another reason I'm not sure on the authenticity of the card is because Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide #22 (the thick one that comes out like twice a year or whatever) says that the cards measure 2 5/8" X 3 3/4" which is a little bigger than a regular card. The card I own does not have those dimensions, but I couldn't confirm or deny those dimensons on any of the websites I found about the 54 Wilson Franks. I also printed out that last picture and measured it proportionally with a regular size card and it came out the one in the picture is not a little oversized as my Beckett states. So I'm just completely lost on this right now.

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    Iggy, the one you have is most likely a fake. I've compared it to other ones and a new study in the Sports Market Report about the Wilson Franks Cards said they did not have borders. I'm pretty sure it's a fake.

    Good luck,

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    Then what about the bordered ones that PSA graded?

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    I'm convinced that those Ted Williams have a border, you just can't see it. Why else would his shoe just stop if it didn't have a border?

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    Originally posted by IggyWH
    I'm convinced that those Ted Williams have a border, you just can't see it. Why else would his shoe just stop if it didn't have a border?
    you might try to go a big show, as psa/bvg might be there to get a raw grade on it, also talk to the enforcer, he might be able to shed some light...

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    There were alot of sets that were reproduced in the mid-late 80's.
    The card you have is a reproduction from about that time. It's most likely an early Larry Fritsch repro. Contact him and see if he did those, (probably around 1986-87) and if he has any info for you.

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    If you look at his website, You'll see he still sells these sets. 19 card set for 14.95. You have a repro.

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