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Thread: Best & Worst 08/09 Topps Set

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    Best & Worst 08/09 Topps Set

    Topps looks to be done for the 08/09 season with their last set being Signature released in April. Amazing that they released only 8 different sets this season. So, which sets were the best and worst?

    Set list
    Topps Chrome
    Topps Co-Signers
    Topps Hardwood
    Topps Signature
    Topps T-51 Murad
    Topps Treasury

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    Best: Topps T-51 Murad
    Worst: Topps Signature

    T-51 Murad was an affordable set that delivered the goods. Guaranteed rookies, auto, gu and low numbered cards. Those frames are sick!

    Topps Signature...ugh need I say more. Anyone up for a Yi Jianlian numbered to 6225?

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    Best: Topps Chrome
    Worst: Topps Signature (need I say more)

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    bowman/bowman chrome

    worst... eww topps signature

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    yea, i do have to say hardwood was awesome as well

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