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Thread: Any Tips for New eBay sellers?

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    Any Tips for New eBay sellers?

    I recently tried my hand at selling on eBay. I started out with a lower priced card that I wouldn't be totally bummed about if it didnt go so well. It was a Mikkel Boedker Future Watch Auto. All the ones before mine sold for between $9 and $10. Mine ended at $3.25... Now my feedback is only like 46 because i havent used eBay all that much, but is this the only reason? I also thought maybe because it ended on a Saturday night maybe thats not a good time? I was going to try a second test run and see how it goes. But here is my auction if you guys could please take a look and let me know if any red flags go off as to why you wouldn't bid on it please? Thanks!

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    Everything about your auction looks good. The only thing that would cause someone not to bid is the shipping charge and/or feedback level that you are currently at. I used to have my shipping charges at $3.50 but changed it to $2.50 and my sale prices rose quite a bit oddly enough. Lowering your shipping charges will also increase your DSR on shipping charges. If you don't keep that DSR category above a certain level, I think its 4.3, your account gets suspended until it goes up. Ebay may have changed this rule but I'm pretty sure its still the same.

    And you mentioned having your auction ending on a Saturday. The last experiences I have had with my auctions ending on weekends did not turn out good. There is a ton of traffic on the website on the weekends but that can be bad. So many people looking at many different auctions can lead to your auction not getting any hits/views and it can go for drastically less than it should have. Try ending your auctions on a Monday. I do this now and they go for much more than on weekends from my experiences. I would also recommend that you continue selling lower end cards until your feedback gets a little higher. Once it gets high enough, your auctions should start going for what you see in completed listings.

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    I don't sell a whole lot on eBay (I've got a few auctions running right now) but I always just go with this rule: If it turns you off from bidding, don't do it. If it's something you like and makes you bid quicker, then do it.

    Low start prices and low shipping costs are important to most people. If I'm bidding on a card that I think will end around $20.... if the start price is $0.99, I'll probably bid a couple of bucks right away. If it's $19.99..... unless it's something I DESPERATLY want, I'll just try and remember to go back before the auction ends. Getting that card locked on my "bidding list" should be considered a good thing, if you're a seller.

    Scans are a big thing too. Make sure the scan is a good one. With lots, maybe you end up only putting up some of the cards.... but make the scans as high quality as possible. I would urge anyone: DO NOT scan multiple cards at once, and use one picture for multiple auctions. That is one of my biggest pet peeves on eBay..... having to look through scans of 2, 4, 9 (or more??) cards to see the photo of the one I want. Will it stop me from bidding? No, maybe not (depends on what the card is) but it has stopped me from bidding as high.

    A clear description is obviously an important thing too, especially when you're dealing with lots.

    Your listing seemed pretty good. I don't know that people should have had any problem with it. Were the $9 and $10 sales recent, or more like a month or two old? Like most rookies..... it could just be a case of the masses no longer being interested, so the sale values are dropping.

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    yeah i was thinking that too being the end of the season maybe people are clearing out this years rookies and getting ready for the new kids. maybe ill try a new one tonite and see how it goes. Thanks for the replies.

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    sometimes it's just luck -- I once had a Ovechkin Rookie sell for $0.01 (mind you it was Victory, but still)... and it contained a bonus numbered rookie... it turned out after all the fees that I paid the buyer to take the card from me.

    The next week the same card sold for $4.99

    I like putting in a Buy It Now in my auctions too -- sometimes people who rather not wait the 7 days and risk losing will hit it.

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    Looks like that card has been selling from $2.13-10.47 for the last week and your price puts you somewhat in the lower range. Timing probably had something to do with it as the $10 auction ended on Sunday night. As MY rule I try to end all my auctions Sunday night but for some reason Tuesday and Thursday evenings are good also. Your listing could have included more (if you are paying for it try to fit EVERYTHING in that you can) - the card that sold for over $10 was listed as 09 SP Authentic Future Watch Auto Mikkel Boedker /999 and compared to your listing you could have added Authentic or even added Autograph - the more that you list as key words the better you have a chance to receive "hits" which MIGHT lead you to higher sales.

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    my suggestions, or how i list my stuff.

    In the heading, what people search for:
    Player name, RC, Card type, Auto, Team,

    so, your listing, (my way would have been...)

    Mikkel Boedker RC SPA Future Auto Coyotes

    Or something like that, your getting people looking for the team as well, as just the player.
    Some Phoenix fan, may be browsing for Coyote cards & see it rather than just looking for Boedker . Know what I mean?

    Just a broader search this way. "RC" is another key search term.

    theres my 2 cents.

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    good advice from the above people.

    put as much info into titel as fit, including year. 08/09 is fine

    i would go 08/09 UD FUTURE WATCH MIKKEL BOEDEKER AUTO. try to end on weeknight after 5 or sunday nights. fri and sat most people out.

    off season prices always a bit lower so i try to buy what i want july-aug then sell when season starts/ends.

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    First get a good scan/pic, second make your shipping cheap, and third, go to completed listings, find the one that sold the highest, and then copy that exact title for your auction. Also, while not necessarily ethical, I always try to put in the description that the buyer can get the card cheaper if he wants to go straight through Paypal. Ebay never catches it, and usually it works out and you save on all the seller fees.

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    so how long should i really wait for payment? I put in the auction that I expect payment within 5 days of auction ending, and its only like $6 and have gotten no payments nor responce to my invoice? Im not sure how long people usually take to pay as I normally within hours of the auction ending. And how do I free up the auction if the guy doesn't pay?

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