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    Unhappy Wow...

    I am a BABY at this. Is there anyway to find out what a lot of these abbreviations mean (such as RC)? I mean, is there a book or manual or something to give a person the basics?

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    RC- Rookie Card
    SP- Short Print
    #ed- Numbered or parallel card ( meaing the card is printed out of a certain number such as xx/99)

    People can continue to add to this list

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    RC means Rookie Card
    GU means Game Used
    BV means Book Value
    UD means Upper Deck

    Hope that helps a bit

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    Thanks. At the risk of sounding totally ignorant, what does game used mean?

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    Game used means the card has an actual piece of a stick bat or jersey that was used by a player in a real game.

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    ATG - All-Time Great
    AU - Autograph
    CL - Checklist
    COR - Corrected
    DP - Double Print
    ERR - Error
    EXCH - Exchange
    NNO - Unnumbered
    RC - Rookie Card
    SP - Short Print
    TC - Team Card
    TP - Triple Print
    UER - Uncorrected Error
    VAR - Variation
    XRC - Extended Rookie Card

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    Hey since we're all in a helpful mood what exactly is a swatch card?

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    They usually have all the abbreviations in the beckett books. also i think a swatch card is a card that has a swatch of a jersey or something else

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    I wondered why it is called a swatch card.
    If it is a card with a game-used piece of jersey, why don't they just call it a jersey card? Or do some people just call it different things?

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    I think it is a jersey card with 2 different colors but I wasn't too sure.

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