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    What was your first Box Busted??

    I hope this brings some interesting replies

    My First box was 1989 Pro Set for 30 Bucks!
    The product that gave me the bug! lol

    I pulled a Sanders if i remember Correctly
    I actually ended up busting a close to a case
    Collecting Ben Roethlisberger and Charlie Batch
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    A couple years ago...wen i first started collecting...i went to target and a got a ESPN football card blaster.....i was busting in the car on the way home andd i pulled a Steve McNair gu(RIP)....but at the time i didnt understand the purpose of a jersey card...i though it was the dumbest

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    First box was 1993 Ultra. I was 10.

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    Grandpa and I busted a box of topps cellos from a grocery store way back in 1981. These were the first packs and box I ever opened.

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    The closest I did to a box break when I was a kid was help my brother break a box of 1990 Leaf Baseball...but he paid for it.

    Since I've gotten back into the hobby (2005/6), the first break I did was a 2006 Topps Heritage box...I didn't know any better!

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    1977 Topps Football, probably paid about 5.00 bucks or so for it

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    first box busted was 01 leaf rookies and stars. bought it for like $65 If I remember correctly. Pulled a LT auto rookie.

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