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Thread: Making banners!

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    you made me a Verlander one already but could you combine a Verlander and Porcello Banner, and Im looking for some S.J. cards to send to you for thanks.

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    Thanks Great, Thanks again, I will hook you up it might take me a little while, if you want PM me your mailing address

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    can u make me a banner that says apw2199 collects Esential Elements Dual GU's/Patches and then make it switch say apw2199 collects Artifacts Photo Shoot Flashback Fabrics Dual GU's/Patches kind of like this guys

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    the lightning is sorta hard to do...anything else you would like?

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    How about this:

    Slide 1:
    Text: apw2199 Collects: Essential Elements Dual GUs/Patches (Put text in center)
    Put one pic on each side:

    Slide 2:
    Text: apw2199 Collects: Artifacts Photo Shoot Flashback Fabrics Dual GUs/Patches
    And try to incorperate this pic in there:

    You can play around with the rest. Thanks.

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    here ya go, there isnt really much you can do with pics of cards, but hope you like it. oops, i gotta resize it

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