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Thread: Vice-Admin Trivia

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    Thumbs up Vice-Admin Trivia

    For all you night owls out there...

    30 CardCash :

    Who was the first female US gymnast to win an individual olympic medal against Russia?

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    WOW... the Trivia King actually answered one wrong for once.

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    Still looking for someone to answer the trivia correctly... come on guys, I expected better than this from the nightshift!

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    if no one comes up with an answer tonight, allow the rest of us to answer, even if it takes the next day, etc.

    once you answer, that's it; give the rest who didn't answer a chance

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    Great question!!!

    I looked and looked

    My answer: Julianne McNamara

    boy, this was a good one!!

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    No good... question is still alive and kicking

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