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Thread: Post Your Gamer Tags Here

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    PS3 - Dark_Addiction13 - Lately I only play COD games. It is MW2 or nothing.
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    Trying to achieve super Collector Herman Moore Status
    I collect UVA (University of Virginia Cavaliers) Football Players!

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    Just got a PS3 last week.

    PSN: DrivetheGreen66

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Send me a pm and we can play sometime.
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    My #1 Want: Alex Goligoski 08/09 Retro Rainbow

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    PSN: matt_m18

    Mainly play MW2. If you're from Pittsburgh especially send me a friend request
    Looking for everything Matt Capps, Andrew McCutchen, Garrett Jones, current Pirates RCs, and former Pitt Panthers

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    I mainly use my PS3 but:

    XBOX Live: TheTGB
    PS3: TheTGB

    Gearing up for Bad Company 2 also. The demo is awesome. But playing MW2 and MAG mostly right now.
    Undercover Pope
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    Xbox Live: Khaos Xexus
    Scans of all my auto/memorabilia sports (mainly football) cards:
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    Xbox: StormSurge
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    On the hunt for '04 Donruss Timelines Mookie Wilson '87 & '88

    Will trade for Topps Millions codes! (unused of course!)

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