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Thread: Post Your Gamer Tags Here

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    Anybody wanna play some NHL 11 on the PS3? Send me a friend request, I posted my PSN ID earlier.

    Also, I apologize to whoever added me recently. I hit "don't allow" before reading you were from SCF, no hard feelings

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    kelmoney29 on xbox live. I play mlb2k10 and ncaa football '10 a lot.

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    PS3 - Booger_Mac

    I only play a few games, but I'm more than happy to have some friendly online competitions. I play MLB 10: The Show, Uncharted 2, and College Hoops 2k8 most of the time; however, I will be glued to FIFA 11 beginning Tuesday.
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    I am on xbox live. I am:

    Ryan Klesko Fan

    I am all about me some Fable II & Fable III

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    Xbox Live - DLL1969 - pretty much only play COD MW2

    If DLL1969 is kicking your butt then it is my 9 year old son playing. If DLL1969 is getting destroyed...then it is me :( LOL

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    My xbox gamertag is - xxgirlykiller40xx
    My little sister made it......not me! lol

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    If you add me, leave me a message saying that you are from SCF so I will not to delete you

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    xbox - TurdFergusonSCF

    I don't play real often, but I like CoD Black Ops & CoD MW2
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